How to cut Instagram photos by 9 parts


How to cut Instagram photos by 9 parts

Updated – October 18, 2019

You can cut Instagram photos into 9 parts to decorate your profile.

It looks very pretty (mosaic).

Cut photo for InstagramCut photo for Instagram

To share photos online, just do a few simple actions.

How to cut Instagram photos into 9 parts

  1. We pass to the Imgonline service according to the link.
  2. Touch “Select File” and upload photos from the gallery to your device.
  3. Specify the following settings (do not touch the rest):
  • Parts in width: 3;
  • Parts in height 3;
  • Make square parts “For Instagram”;
  • Output image format: PNG-24 (or any other).
  1. We touch “OK.”
  2. Open each picture and download to your device.
  • To download – follow a long tap (press and hold) on image and tap “Download Image”.

Now it remains to add a photo to Instagram in the usual way.

How to split a photo into parts online

Important: you need to upload 9 photos in turn, starting with the latest. The video tutorial below can be seen on an example.

  1. Открываем Инстаграм и внизу касаемся How to cut Instagram photos by 9 parts.
  2. Choose the last photo (it will be the very first when loading).
  3. We do not make any changes and publish photos.
  4. Then we publish the penultimate photo, etc.
  • A total of 9 publications should be received.

Open your profile, if you did everything right – it will be very beautiful.

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Video tutorial on the topic: how to cut a photo for Instagram for 9 parts.

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