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Popular users of the social network Instagram often encounter a problem when their profile has been blocked. There are only two ways to delete someone else’s account in Instagram: complain about inappropriate content and hack profile.

Terms of Service

By registering on Instagram, the user confirms his consent to processing and storage of data.

Also, agrees with the requirements of the social network, where indicated:

  • publishing the contact information of the owner of the page is prohibited if This is not a business account;
  • offensive photographs or texts can cause page locks;
  • erotic images are prohibited by the use policy;
  • the minimum age of the profile owner is 13 years.

Report page on InstagramReport page on Instagram

The block list includes: fake pages, illegal or fraudulent methods of selling goods, services, selling or buying pages on Instagram. If the other user does not match one of these rules – you can complain about his profile.

In accordance with the new requirements, all accounts with wound up participants will be blocked, and after – be deactivated. The first stage is a gradual decrease audience.

The administration has the right to delete or block the page, not warning the owner about it. If other users are many complained about the content of a particular profile – the account also will be blocked. But before that, messages about inappropriate content.

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How to delete someone else’s page

If another account raises doubts about the legality of the actions – You can safely apply for its blocking. Function located next to each picture and going to the profile – on top.

Another user can be temporarily blocked or blocked. access to your page.

To report content:

  1. You can log in to Instagram with your main pages.
  2. Go to the page to be blocked. Select publication contrary to the rules of the social network. Report an Instagram postReport an Instagram post
  3. In the upper right corner click: “Report” – Choose from two options: inappropriate content or spam. Reason for complaint on InstagramReason for complaint on Instagram

The latter category includes publications and photographs, where placed links or direct advertising of products. This does not apply to online store and certified products.

Inappropriate materials include:

  • insulting other people. The image shows users who were not marked or their consent to the processing of photographs was not taken;
  • Pornographic images
  • violence, extremism or provocation of conflict;
  • sale and advertising of firearms;
  • self-promotion of drugs mutilations. Reason for blocking on InstagramReason for blocking on Instagram

By selecting the “I don’t like this” section, the user is prompted such options: unsubscribe or block the account owner. Then yes, the latter will not be able to see publications, comments, put likes.

To delete someone else’s page, you need to complain several times. The reason for the lock must be one of the above. Instagram has the right to answer that the request to delete the page was rejected.

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The Complain feature is anonymous, so be afraid for personal data is not worth it. Account blocking occurs after five applications, the page owner will be notified that his materials are not comply with Instagram policy.

Is it possible to hack a page?

The social network has dual data protection that provides user safety. Hacking procedure Internet professionals who can without consequences for the customer access other people’s data.

Hacking on your own does not work, therefore, in this case, how to delete someone else’s account on Instagram requires professionals.

Contact Support

You can delete someone else’s account on Instagram by contacting Customer Support.

Situations to be considered:

  • personal photos of another are published on the page without permission person;
  • profile owner calls for violence or threatens;
  • confirmed fraud.

You can contact technical support from your profile by going to section: “Help” – Report a problem or write via Facebook

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