How to do TEST (Quiz) on Instagram Stories?


We already have polls and questions, but now we can do the TEST (Quiz) on Instagram Stories. Come up with a question, write answer options (one is correct). Subscribers right away vote, see the correct answer to the Test. How to do this Quiz, choose the correct answer and see who voted? Very simple!

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How to make a TEST (Quiz) on Instagram Stories?

Go to your stories. Take a photo / video or download from galleries.

Click “Stickers” at the top.

How to do a test on Instagram Stories

Choose Quiz.

how to make a quiz on Instagram stories

The sticker can change the color of the title (colored circle at the top) and text.

Write answers to the Quiz. How to choose which option will be right? Tap the circle (A, B, C, D—) on the left from the answer option and it will be highlighted in green.

test on Instagram how to choose the right answer

Click “Your Story” and you’re done! TEST (Quiz) on Instagram Stories published.

How to know the results, who voted for which option in Instagram quiz?

After you can see statistics on the results: who voted which answer options are more popular. For this by published stories swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

test on Instagram - who voted

The answers often do not show who voted for what. But you can look at each option separately.

Swipe along the History with the Quiz from the bottom up. See the results by month.

how to find out who voted for whom - Instagram Quiz

Click on any answer to the test and the list opens those who voted for him.

how to see who voted for which option - Instagram Quiz

Interesting questions for the Quiz (Test) on Instagram Stories with answers

  1. What month is the shortest? (May – three letters)
  2. How many eyes does a bee have? (Five)
  3. How many legs does a snail have? (One)
  4. The ear on the foot is at -? (At the grasshopper)
  5. The camel’s hump consists of -? (Of fat)
  6. Dachshund is a dog for— (For hunting)

Questions for Instagram Quiz on Literacy

  1. more or less or more or less? 1
  2. “anyway” or “all the same” 1
  3. as if or as if 1
  4. “incomprehensible” or “not understandable” (both options) He did not understand, how to write a word, but he was ashamed to ask again. The explanation was not clear, but only more confusing, so the situation heated up
  5. “not for long” or “not for long” (both options) I am with you today for a while I think it’s not with us for long, but forever
  6. request or “request” 1

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