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You can upload photos to Instagram, but to keep it standard way, the user needs to use the help of applications and third-party services. Downloading photos from Instagram is easier. all you need to use browser extensions and programs.

Download photo by phone

You can download a photo from Instagram via a link via phone in three ways:

  • Using third-party services in the browser;
  • through a bot in Telegram;
  • by installing special applications.

One of the easiest ways is to use the bot in the messenger Telegram, if it was pre-installed. In the “chat” section Search by bots, groups and chats is available. User needs to enter name: Save as Bot. With it become Photos, videos and carousels are available for download.

Instructions on how to use the bot:

  1. Enter the messenger – go to chat rooms.
  2. At the top, in the search bar, enter the name: Save as Bot.
  3. Enter – click “Start”. Save as Bot for InstagramSave as Bot for Instagram
  4. Go to Instagram – copy the link to the publication.
  5. Insert in the line of sending messages in Telegram. Download the video through the bot on Telegram for InstagramDownload the video through the bot on Telegram for Instagram
  6. Get a photo or video to download.

Thus, the user does not need to install additional programs or applications to get a snapshot.

We make a screen

In the “Ribbon” and “Stories” the user can take a screenshot, to get a photo right away. A notification will be sent to the author of the picture. only if the screenshot was taken in the personal section correspondence. That is, those materials that were sent temporarily and was intended for only one person.

Almost all modern devices are equipped with the function: Take a screenshot. On Android devices, the key located on the side of the smartphone. You need to open the record and hold down the button “Switch off”. After, a dropdown appears on the screen menu and selection: “Turn off”, Reload, Make screenshot “. Either the keyboard shortcut is ON + volume down or up.

To shoot a video and get to the Gallery of files, the user Need an application: “Screen Recording”. Use it to remove clips from closed accounts on Instagram, transmit other information.

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Instructions on how to create a video:

  1. Download and install the Record app screen. ”
  2. Open – click the “Start” button.
  3. Return to Instagram – go to the desired account. Creating a screenshot of InstagramCreating a screenshot of Instagram
  4. Record a video – press the Stop button as only the clip will be shot.

As in the case of photographs, to remove excess, the user video and photo editors needed. To edit a photo, use the built-in standard application. For video files fit InShot, Magistro and Kine Master.

Using browser extensions on a PC

From a computer, downloading photos from Instagram is easier through extensions. These are special services that automatically appear when switching to a social network.

In addition to the download function, they are often asked to receive anonymous access to Stories, watching IGTV or downloading videos without additional tools.

Two other ways to download photos from Instagram:

  • go through the page code, find a link to the photo;
  • Use third-party download sites.

The extension is considered to be functionally complete: “Download from Instagram (+ upload photo) “, available in Google Chrome. With it, the user can not only download photos, but also add, edit publications.

To use the extension in the browser:

  1. Go to Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the “Settings and management “- in the drop-down menu select: “Additional tools.”
  3. Click on the bottom left: “Google Store Chrome. ” Extensions in Google Chrome for Instagram extensionsExtensions in Google Chrome for Instagram extensions
  4. In the search bar, enter the name: “Download from Instagram. ” Download from InstagramDownload from Instagram
  5. After selecting the tool, click “Get.”

-> Скачать Instagram APK

The browser will require confirmation of the action – “Allow” and wait for the installation to complete. Now, by going to the browser version of Instagram, above each the icon will appear: “Download”. Also, user can download all photos that have been viewed in the tape.

Simple applications for downloading photos from Insta

The Play Market and AppStore contain a catalog of applications that help you quickly get a photo or video. The principle of operation of such the tools are the same: the user copies the link, and the application, in automatic mode, already uploads it to the Gallery. Vary only additional features and downloads with the consent of user.

  • Fast Save For Instagram. The ability to repost, install photo as a screen saver on the desktop, list saved;
  • inGrabber. Work with multiple accounts, downloading others Stories, preservation of ethers;
  • IGSave. Search for photos by hashtags, profile, download profile a photograph.

To use inGrabber, the user needs it pre-install. Unlike other services, here verification of account on Instagram is required. Tool downloads only those photos and videos that were published in the stream.

Also, the “Search” section is available, where recommended publications:

  1. Download and install inGrabber.
  2. Log in using your Instagram data. Download videos and photos via inGrabber InstagramDownload videos and photos via inGrabber Instagram
  3. Open: “Ribbon” – click “Download”.

All previously downloaded photos and videos will be available in the section. “Downloads”. Account holder will be able to return to them to download again.

You can download photos from Instagram using the browser version of the application – Grabber. Just paste the link, copied from a social network to get the desired file in smartphone storage.

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