How to edit a signature for publication in Instagram


If you made some ridiculous mistake in the signature to the photo or video on Instagram (with whom it doesn’t happen!) or missed something important, what you need to inform subscribers, the text can be to change. Yes, you can easily sign your Instagram post. edit!

Honestly, I found out about such a function recently (earlier she wasn’t at all, and I’m used to living without her), so now I hasten to inform you, of course. And it all started with the fact that I often began to notice the word “edited” under the photos of friends.

How to edit the signature for publication on Instagram

So, to change the very first comment on the publication (which is yours), go into it and click on the button in the form of three points (it is located at the bottom right). Select “edit.”

How to edit the photo caption on Instagram

Now you can rewrite or append your text as well add it, if before that it was not at all. Note, that here you can change the location that you previously put to publication or add it if locations are not was at all. You can also mark users in the picture. Generally, completely edit the description for your photo or video.

How to change the photo caption on Instagram

For example, I added three fish emoticons. As you can see, the message under the picture has changed.

How to change the photo caption on Instagram

Now, if your friends want to go to all comments under photo, they will see the inscription “edited” near the first messages. This means that you have changed your comment.

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