How to find id on Instagram (yours or someone else’s)


How to find id on Instagram

Let’s look at 2 ways you can learn own or someone else’s id on Instagram.

What is id? And why is it needed?

ID – a unique account identification number on Instagram. is he assigned at registration.

You can change the nickname (name), but you can not change id.

It may be needed by those who use the services and programs that help promote your Instagram account.

How to find id on Instagram

Using a special service (convenient if you are on the phone):

  1. Follow the link:
  1. Enter the user nickname (login).
  2. Click on the “GO!” Button.

How to find id on instagramHow to find id on instagram

  • Near the inscription “User-ID” you can see the user id (numbers).

Manually, without the help of services (from a computer):

  1. We open the user account (own or someone else’s).
  2. Next to the avatar, click the right mouse button.
  3. From the list, select “View page code” (source code pages).
  • Or you can use a simple key combination: Ctrl + U.
  1. Open the search on the page (Ctrl + F).
  2. Paste the value of profilePage_
  3. Click on “Enter” and find the account id on Instagram.

Instagram account idInstagram account id

  • You can immediately copy the id and place it where it is necessary;
  • By the way, you can also find out the date of registration of an account in Instagram (see article).

Video tutorial on the topic: how to find your or someone else’s id on Instagram.

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