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On average, young people spend on the Internet and social networks about 5 hours. Experts estimate that per second 11 users are added, and the total number of time for 2018 – more than a billion years.

In order not to be distracted by social networks and organize life in “offline”, users are prompted to count the number of hours since using apps. Find out how much time spent on Instagram now easier – with the latest innovation, a feature was introduced “Counter”.

How to find out how much time is spent on Instagram

Using the new section on Instagram, you can see amount of time spent, create a reminder and go to Advanced settings for push notifications. Statistics are not available to everyone. and some accounts still haven’t got access to functionality.

What affects receiving updates:

  • date of registration. Access was granted to accounts older than one of the year;
  • geographical position. Some regions and countries updated later;
  • the amount of time and action on Instagram.

Instagram statistics your actionsInstagram statistics your actions

So, the update is available to users of iOS and Android, but with latest version of the app.

You can see how much time you spent on Instagram like this way:

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  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Click on the three bars at the top “Menu settings. ” Time spent on Instagram statisticsTime spent on Instagram statistics
  3. Item “Your actions”.

The same can be found in Settings – Account. Application displays statistics by hours and days. Users will be able to see how much hours they spent on Instagram yesterday, this week and for Today.

Additional settings include notifications. Are installed in as a limit: the notification “You spent in Instagram 2 hours “or any quantity indicated.

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There are also push notification settings that will help not distracted by a social network. You can block notifications about likes, subscriptions and private messages.

Applications for viewing time spent on Instagram

Another way to see how much time you spend in Instagram – application “Time Tracker”.

There are computer versions designed for:

  • parental control. Keeps track of the child while he is in Networks
  • personal time optimization. For those who are passionate time management;
  • statistics on the amount of time spent on social networks.

Such programs and services are not only for Instagram, but also other social networks.

An application may:

  • send alerts over a period of time: from five minutes to one hour;
  • block access to the network and applications;
  • send sound notifications or vibrate.

atimeLogger for InstagramatimeLogger for Instagram

Depending on the user’s passion, you can choose any software solution.

List of applications for limiting network time and Instagram:

  • Checky – Phone Habit. Shows how many times the owner took device and used applications;
  • aTimeLogger. A simple time management application with setting alarms and a blocker;
  • SPACE: Break phone addiction. Personal time optimization made as a game: the application will set limits in case of non-compliance with the rules. If the user has not touched phone set amount of time – its application will reward.

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The Play Market and AppStore have tons of solutions for addicted to social networks and smartphone. In them you can see how much time spent talking, commenting and playing games.

What is the average time people spend on Instagram

Using statistics, it was also estimated approximately the time conducted by users on social networks. Instagram was position 2-3 of the third place in popularity is assigned.

According to infographics: users spend from 20 to 50 minutes a day. Refers to the average page owner in Instagram. Active members of a social network can spend from 4 x hours. For bloggers and administrators, the number increases to 5-8 hours a day.

It is believed that Instagram will soon overtake Facebook and become the most A popular network among the English community. In Russia and countries The CIS indicator is lower – no more than 50 minutes a day.

Ways to find out how much time you spend on Instagram – many and almost all of them are designed for statistical data.

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