How to find out if a blogger has subscribers likes and comments on Instagram


Recently, in an article how bloggers cheat on Instagram, we found out that many people buy bots, comments and likes to create false popularity and motivation on the page. But how do you understand that people wound subscribers and likes? There are some simple methods.

What should be a regular Instagram blog?

It is believed that likes in a normal, already quite elderly blog Instagram should be 4-8% of the number of subscribers. That is, if 100k followers, then the optimal number of hearts under the photo is 4-8 thousand.

How do I know if a blogger has subscribers?

How do I know if a blogger has subscribers?

If this number is lower, most likely subscribers are wound (instead of them bots), if higher – like. But also the optimal the ratio, unfortunately, does not guarantee the “purity” of the blogger, as he just can know it and buy wisely.

How to determine purchased subscribers or not?

The easiest way

We go to the list of readers of a person, scroll down (since the very first you will be shown your subscriptions and “close” to you) and carefully study the profiles. Ideally, this list does not there should be bots and mass followers: blank pages, accounts with a large number of subscriptions, non-Russian, with obscure characters in description. More precisely, they can be, but single.

Similarly, you can check the likes in the list of likes under each by fasting. However, such a check will be inaccurate, as often order hearts on exchange sites, and as a result they are put by the most ordinary people.

No automation anywhere

You can analyze the audience of any person in LiveDune (the most popular service for this).

Check the blogger for cheating in LiveDune

When viewing your subscriber growth chart, make sure the blogger had no sudden jumps in followers, which could mean them purchase or, conversely, mass unsubscription in connection with stripping Instagram bots or after participating in the giva.

For example, this is how the schedule of subscribers after giva looks. how See, mass unsubscribes.

Mass replies after giva

In addition to LiveDune, there are many more services for analyzing subscribers. For example, the service of deep analytics on Instagram accounts Picalytics. It does a complete analysis of subscribers to any open page in Instagram: show bots, geo, profile involvement, age subscribers and even their interests! Very interesting and necessary statistics (especially for advertisers).

Picalytics - Full Instagram Statistics

How to understand if a blogger has real comments?

Monosyllabic comments like cool, wow and cool messages only from emoticons – most likely cheating or actions of mass followers.

The same type of comments from the same people (“good morning”, “and you have a nice day”, “you look cool”) most likely from the chat activity. Look about the profiles of these people, and if everywhere comment the same, then yes, this is a chat.

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