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To find out who has unsubscribed on Instagram, you can use several services that track the number of subscribers. Available options are represented by official applications on the Play Market and web analytics resources.

Method 1: Mobile Applications

The catalog of mobile services and utilities offers functions with notification: the user will see a message that the subscriber unsubscribed. A popular application to find out who has unsubscribed in The Instagram is: “Who Unsubscribed from Instagram.”

To configure the work, you need:

  1. Find in the Play Market, install.
  2. Go to the application, enter the username and password.
  3. Wait for notifications about unsubscribers.

who unsubscribed applicationwho unsubscribed application

The program features include: unsubscription from TOP-10 users and line items, view statistics, set up notifications. Shows who exactly left the page – the profile of the unsubscribing. Statistics appear after the first user will unsubscribe.

The program does not show users who have deleted earlier.

The second application is Unfollowers. As in the past: log in and go to the data collection tab. Information also presented by country, number of inactive users, bots.

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To view the latest unsubscribes, open the section “Recent Unfollowers”. The program will issue accounts that have left the ranks subscribers lately while the app was installed.

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android unsubscribe applicationandroid unsubscribe application

Method 2: online services

Browser versions are suitable for large page analytics, traders or bloggers profiles.

A relevant resource for verification is offering three day trial mode. To use the services and functionality should:

  1. Register in the service using the page in Instagram.
  2. Fill in personal information, bank card number.
  3. Wait for analytics to complete. Online statistics serviceOnline statistics service

After analytics, you can delete your account without paying for a subscription. A similar method is suitable for single use or when making at the expense of funds, will help in promoting the profile. To user functions of changing the tariff plan, purchasing additional Opportunities: geo-data, age category of subscribers.

This is how Crowdfire works, offering a trial a period of seven days. The service provides posting services records, conducting in-depth analysis.

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Method 3: check through subscribers

The method is suitable for owners of personal pages, where the number of subscribers do not reach more than 200. Use the mobile application or computer version. You need to log in to your profile, go to Subscribers section. A search bar appears where you enter the name desired account. search for unsubscribed on instagramsearch for unsubscribed on instagram

This method is suitable if:

  • need to track a specific page;
  • the number of subscribers does not reach more than 200 people;
  • the user knows the login of the requested account.

In other cases, analytics using paid services. Instagram does not provide unsubscribe information users, which makes it difficult to monitor the audience.

Using third-party applications, you need to carefully consider data entry. Using untrusted resources is dangerous because entails loss of access to the page, spamming on behalf of the owner. The account is blocked – you can restore it through feedback

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