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In addition to downloading and viewing photos and animations, to any user available to download and view videos on Instagram. Statistics may prove useful to attract new subscribers, like others Instagram tricks.

Is it possible to find out who watched the video

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide such information, so just doesn’t save it. However, under any video, not only your own, it is displayed which of the viewers put a like. To see the list, just click on the number Like users. Instagram viewsInstagram views

All of them are displayed in the window that opens. Should be prepared for the fact that popular videos with thousands of likes have this list Scrolling will take a very long time.

Who watched the video on InstagramWho watched the video on Instagram

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From this section you can go to the profile of anyone who likes user video that will help in the study of his interests and addictions: for example, a cat lover with a high probability subscribes to an account where funny slicing jokes with cats.

Please note that some accounts may be closed, therefore, they can only see the posts posted by them subscribers

Statistics on the web version of Instagram

Unfortunately, when you log into Instagram from your computer, find out who Like video, impossible. When you click on the number of views under only the amount delivered by users is shown in the video likes. In this case, there is no active link to the list of like.

-> Инстаграм Direct

Using third-party software

On many sites, as well as in the App Store and Play Market, you can find tempting offers download full collection program statistics, often with its cheat as a bonus.

Do not take risks when downloading dubious software from unknowns developers: as mentioned above, detailed statistics on views Instagram video does not lead, respectively, and it’s impossible to extract it, especially using third-party services. Moreover, suspicious activity on the account may cause it temporary freezing.

To malicious violators repeatedly ignoring the rules use of Instagram, the administration may block page on an ongoing basis.

Of course, is it worth the risk of reputation and account, user decides independently. However, in the case of promoted commercial an account from such actions does more harm than good: it’s unknown whether the owner will collect the required statistics, but under sanctions hit with high probability.

-> История в Инстаграм не открывается

Section “Statistics”

Another way to see the number of interested users – switch to a business account and log in “Statistics.” Instagram has a separate type of profiles, which aimed at constant monitoring of the audience: adding, unsubscribing, Post coverage and impressions. Special attention to publications where loaded “carousel” – the data is shown by record in general, and not individual photos or videos.

How to switch to a business account and find out who watched video:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the section: “Settings” – Account.
  3. Scroll down – Switch to professional profile.
  4. Select: “Business” – fill in the information.

Next, to see the number of potential audience and transitions by post:

  1. Go to publication.
  2. Under the video: “Statistics”.

It is noteworthy that under the old records the data will not be collected. Only those published after switching to business services.

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