How to get a checkmark on Instagram 2020


The blue checkmark on Instagram is the most coveted of all social networks. Buying it is the most expensive (and Instagram itself officially prohibits it), and getting a tick for free is not so easy.


  • What does a checkmark mean on Instagram
  • How to get a checkmark on Instagram 2020
  • How to officially get a checkmark through the Instagram application
  • Why do I need a tick?

What does a checkmark on Instagram mean?

Blue checkmark – Instagram account verification sign Instagram calls these pages “favorites.” Of course, everything They want to get this blue checkmark, like with stars and famous brands. She makes the account “official” – confirms that it belongs it is this famous person, not fake. Naturally, in such accounts the price of advertising can be an order of magnitude higher.

But the checkmark does not give any privileges. No personal access to technical support, no priority in the tape, no additional protection from account theft. Therefore, to strive to get it just so no no point.

How to get a checkmark on Instagram 2020

How to get a checkmark on Instagram 2020Emoji / special character – copy and paste

One of the choices the trickiest hopes for is to find emoji a blue checkmark and add it to yourself in the column “name” in the profile Instagram. There is NO such checkmark. Do not look, do not waste time. You can artificially “draw” it through the web version This is exactly the option in all the videos on youtube. But he suitable only to take a screenshot. This blue checkmark Verification will only be in your browser when you refresh the page it will disappear and no one but yourself will see this anywhere a tick.

Buy a checkmark on Instagram

There is a way to buy a blue checkmark for money. Doubtful sellers for the amount of $ 1000 can offer you through their acquaintances, Instagram employees, verify your account. To trust such offers is up to you. Official position Instagram – “we do not sell verification if we suspect that you got a tick in a fraudulent way, we will take it. “Therefore, on In my opinion, it’s better to invest this money in advertising on Instagram, massfollowing or wrapping, at worst.

Therefore, the only way to get a checkmark on Instagram in 2020 is an official verification. It’s free but there’s not much chance of success if you don’t meet requirements. About it below.

How to officially get a checkmark on Instagram 2020

If you are a little-known blogger, they don’t write about you, no tens of thousands of subscribers – forget about the checkmark. Better tie Instagram with other social networks so that subscribers know that it is really your account, not fake.

What pages can make a blue checkmark in Instagram?

Famous personalities, athletes, media, entertainment pages and government agencies. According to the rules, now you can’t get verification user profiles, companies and brands. But at the same time, Now there are pages of brands and companies, including Russian, with blue tick.

how to get a blue checkmark on Instagram 2020 how to make a blue checkmark on Instagram 2020

What documents are needed to get a tick in Instagram?

If you are verifying a person’s account: passport or driver’s rights.

If you verify the profile of the organization: certificate of registration, corporate charter, tax documents.

It is also necessary that you be published in large media.

Additional Information

Write why you definitely need to get a blue checkmark in Instagram account.

Can all this information be sent via this link?

How to get a blue checkmark through Instagram

You can send a request not only through Facebook, but also in Instagram application.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Find Account – Request confirmation. how to make a blue checkmark through Instagram
  3. Enter all the information (Name and surname, pseudonym), select account category of the proposed. Attach an ID personalities – passport or company documents (tax return, utility bill, registration certificate). Instagram account verification how to get a tick through Instagram
  4. Click “Submit” and wait for a solution from Instagram.

Why do I need a checkmark on Instagram?

The most use of the blue checkmark when you have a large account and they often try to copy it. Because those who seek the famous people through a search immediately see where the real account is, and where fake. Instagram itself calls the checkbox “Confirmed business cards.”

But no need to break into a cake for this blue symbol next to the name. Promote your account, attract new ones subscribers with good content. Better to invest in advertising, massfollowing or wrapping, at worst. And do not give them dubious sellers promising to make a blue checkmark on Instagram “through a friend.”

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