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Registered on Instagram, but want to not just post photos for friends, but also be popular on this social network? Let me tell you how to get a lot of followers on Instagram. and, accordingly, likes from them, receiving from the process pleasure.

For clarity, I’ll break all the information I want you tell, on points.

How to get a lot of followers on Instagram1. Your account must be open. If you hide your photos, it’s unlikely to gain a lot of subscribers. Usually to users are wary and less likely to subscribe to them. In addition, publications from a private profile are not available at hash tags, and you definitely need to use them, but more on that below.

2. Your publications should be beautiful. Photos taken on a phone with a small camera resolution, They look bad and do not like people. For example, you can take pictures on camera, and then send them to Instagram using Dropbox. If this is not possible, try beautifully (but not clumsy or tasteless) process photos using the built-in filters, and also other applications, of which the great a bunch of.

3. Use popular hash tags, and don’t only Russian, but also foreign. They need to be written in the description to publication. However, do not overdo it: you do not need to add all known tags to you, but only those that fit within the meaning. Participate in flash mobs (feel free to!).

4. Communicate with your subscribers yourself comment on posts of other users, find interesting people and subscribe to them. No one likes massfolding, however This is an effective, albeit boring, method of recruiting new subscribers.

5. Try to make famous instagramlers (or just users with more subscribers than you) mentioned you, or rather your nickname in your publications. Such references make Your page is interesting. Maybe someone will follow the link and will follow you.

Well, finally, I remember a great phrase, which recently walked on the Internet: “To become a famous blogger, you must first become famous. “What does that mean? And what if you are not famous personality and you have few friends in other social networks. networks, untwist your an account on Instagram is free and fast, it will be very difficult. So think well whether you need it or not. Good luck

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