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Since the “Popular” tab in the application was modified and not the most popular ones began to be displayed on it publications, and recommended posts for the user, many people I began to worry about how to get into recommendations Instagram. It’s about the second tab of the application, on which is drawn magnifier.

How to get recommendations on InstagramUnfortunately, for what the principle recommendations are formed on Instagram, for sure no one to say cannot, as there is no official information about this. There is only guesses and assumptions. But still how? After all, many fall!

Speaking in plain language, on the Recommended tab publications “the user will be shown photos and videos that according to the algorithm, this person should like the application. Rather total there will be posts that like and comment on the subscription this user. However, human followers can like and comment a lot, and first of all, certain posts! These are publications that gain likes and comments faster. others. Surely, the relationship “likes – number is also subject to accounting readers’ blogger. Some experts report that is important unique content in the profile.

Of course, the algorithm for showing recommendations on Instagram takes into account many other factors, but those described above will be major. If talking about stories and video posts are most likely taken into account the number of views in relation to the number of readers of a person.

From this we can conclude: to get into the recommendations Instagram, you need to have as many followers as possible. But not just subscribers, and active followers who will give you feedback: like, write comments, view your videos and keep track of your stories. For this you need to promote your profile, as well as write interesting posts that encourage your readers to take action: staging Like posting or talking to you with comments. how “stir” your subscribers, read here.

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