How to get into the TOP hashtag Instagram


How to get on top of the hashtag Instagram

Updated – October 24, 2019

On the page of any hashtag you can see the best and recent publication with him.

The best hashtag publications fall into TOP Instagram.

Best Instagram Hashtag PublicationsBest Instagram Hashtag Publications

In fact, anyone can get into the TOP by hashtag, The main thing is to follow the recommendations.

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How to get into the TOP hashtag Instagram

  1. The correct hashtags.

Hashtags InstagramHashtags Instagram

Learn to put hashtags on Instagram. Not easy enough specify 30 high-frequency hashtags per topic.

Until the account is untwisted (less than 10 thousand subscribers) you need create a list of low-frequency (up to 50,000 publications) and mid-frequency hashtags (up to 100,000 posts).

So it will be much easier to get into the TOP and hold out there at least a short time. And their number should be small (up to 15 hashtags).

Search hashtags, enter keywords by subject publications and record 5 low-frequency and 10 mid-frequency hashtags.

Tip: in the hashtag TOP, open the best posts and see what hashtags your competitors indicate. Use them wisely.

  1. Activity within the publication.

Top Instagram Hashtag PublicationsTop Instagram Hashtag Publications

Even if the publication is interesting, in your opinion, for getting into the TOP is not enough.

The publication should have feedback: likes and comments. Without nothing will come of them.

Of course, you can cheat likes on Instagram, but if such there is no possibility – engage users through various appeals in the publication.

For example, you can sign with a question, leading to discussion. Or ask questions yourself comments.

  1. Ideal time to publish.


Find out what time it is more efficient to post on Instagram Total. But do not forget that each user has his own audience and your peak activity.

Go to your account statistics and in the “Audience” tab see the days of the week and the time when your subscribers are more active Total.

It is at the peak of activity that you should publish entries. So this way you will reach more likes / comments.

And this increases the chance to get into the TOP hashtag Instagram.

Create interesting content and stick to it. recommendations, then your publications will be included in the list of the best.

Video lesson on how to get into TOP Instagram by hashtag.

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