How to get the first followers on Instagram without budget?


Here you are registered on Instagram, want to sell on this site or become a blogger, but what now to do? How to dial first subscribers for free if there is no free money for it?

I want to say right away that the competition on Instagram is just huge, and they come there with big budgets for promotion. Recruiting subscribers for free will be difficult. But I do not say that it is impossible: it will not be fast and for this you will have to spend others own resources – time and energy.

8 ways to get the first 500 followers on Instagram is free

1. Content is your main weapon

On uninteresting, useless, ugly blogs are no longer subscribe. Therefore, if you want to stay on Instagram seriously and for a long time, you have to make quality content: photos, videos, text. This topic is a huge article, even a few, but in short – it is necessary learn to take high-quality and interesting photos at least on phone and write literate text.

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2. Tell your friends about your project

Acquaintances and friends are your first subscribers. Someone doesn’t want to to share their undertakings with them, but in vain. Don’t be ashamed of what are you doing. Publicity only spurs you to improve your profile. Still, it’s better to initially have at least 50 subscribers in in the form of friends from Vkontakte, than generally zero. For business and handmade in In this case, word of mouth may begin to work.

3. Tell about your profile on Instagram on third-party resources

If you have a website, put a link to yourself in a prominent place. Inform friends on other social networks that you have there was a blog on Instagram and you intend to develop it and be useful audiences.

4. Subscribe and chat

At first, subscribe yourself and feel free to chat with your target audience. You can even engage in mass follow and with hands massing, but this, of course, takes a very long time, albeit is free.

5. Commenting on Instagram

How to get the first followers on InstagramCommenting is already a whole science. Its essence is that you leave Conscious and useful comments, engage in dialogue with people major bloggers under posts in whose subscribers your target audience (those people you want to see in subscribers and yourself). Ideally, people should follow you.

When commenting, it’s worth remembering: you do not need to engage in frank advertising your page on another site (this is at least ugly), no need to be rude and come to other bloggers with your Negatively set to “protect” (you will immediately be banned).

6. Do hashtags and geo work?

For a set of subscribers almost do not work, even if you are in top (however, hashtags and geo tops are much easier to get if you have few subscribers, but they are active). But if you have local business, they should be used, as in posts, as in stories because customers can seek services and comradely in this way. Be sure to choose low-frequency hashtags (where fewer posts) and don’t place them from bulds, but only suitable for publications.

7. Participate in activities (SFS, lighttime, challenge, contests etc.)

Participate, but do not abuse. Well, if in the period activities mentioned on another page. But at first not it’s worth climbing to the activities of large bloggers, you may not be corny to notice.

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8. Mutual PR

When you already have a certain number of subscribers (for example, 100-200 people), it will be possible to slowly begin mutual PR with other profiles with similar themes and numbers subscribers.

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Here is 8 way to get the first subscribers without a budget on Instagram. But do not ignore these methods if you have money for advertising and other events with your account, which they still give no effect.

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