How to hide (disable) comments in Instagram


Instagram has been trying for a long time to make a comment section friendlier and cleaner. Last year, a filter by words appeared. Can enter words with comments that will be automatically hidden. An advantage to it is an automatic filter.

Now the same automatic filter can hide and Instagram comments about the appearance or identity of the owner account. If negative comments from the same account will arrive (and be blocked) several times, support service will receive a report on this. Perhaps such commentators will blocked (or block this person in your account yourself). This filter is enabled for the entire account. You cannot enable / disable it on a separate post. But you can completely disable or allow comments when posting to Instagram.

How to hide comments on Instagram?

  1. Go to the account settings (in the profile header – three dots in top right corner).
  2. Scroll down: Settings – Comments.
  3. You can close all comments or from specific accounts.
  4. Automatic filter – blocking the negative and now comments about you personally and your appearance.
  5. Manual filter – you need to enter specific words, comments with which will always be hidden.
  6. When you turn on the filter, old comments that fall under it, will also be disabled. If you turn it off, they will recover.

how to hide comments on Instagram how to close comments on Instagram

How to disable comments on Instagram for a single post?

  1. At the time of publication: at the very last step at the bottom of the screen will be “Additional settings”. Press, then activate “Turn off comments” how to disable Instagram post comments how to disable Instagram post comments
  2. At the old post: click the three dots to the left of the photo. Choose “Turn off comments.” How to block Instagram post comments after posting

When you turn on the filter (according to words or automatic) or lock, then hide the old comments and disable new ones, falling under the filter. If then you remove it – then hidden comments will appear again. But if you completely closed the comments in Instagram, then nobody will be able to write them to you. Therefore if open again – only new comments will appear.

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