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The only way to hide likes on Instagram is to do profile closed. In this case, the “Like” marks cannot see strangers.

Make the page closed

Privacy settings affect the display of information for visitors. At the same time, subscribers can follow each action in a social network.

There is no way to hide likes from friends yet. The account holder can only restrict viewing for those who is not a subscriber.

The status “Closed profile” affects:

  • display page in the Ribbon. If the subscriber has like – the publication will not appear in the Recommendations or in the search;
  • the ability to view photos, stories;
  • subscription. The owner of the page chooses those who can become a subscriber.

Closed Instagram profile exampleClosed Instagram profile example

To see friends’s likes, you must go to the section “My Notifications” – Subscriptions. Posts, comments and nicknames will appear. In category only recent publications are displayed for less than one weeks.

With high activity – time is reduced from a couple of days to a few hours.

The ability to make a profile private is available on personal pages. For business accounts, this feature is not is provided.

Instructions on how to hide information on Instagram:

  1. Open application – menu “Settings”. Make a private profile on InstagramMake a private profile on Instagram
  2. Section “Account” – switch to “Closed profile”.

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Previously added subscribers will remain, but new ones must be sent request for subscription and access to media files.

Unmark photo

Separately, you can hide the marks on photos from subscribers, set by friends or advertising profiles. To remove everything marks in comments, on video or photo, you can use function: do not show automatically in profile or hide at all selected files.

Available in the application settings:

  1. Profile Settings – Privacy and Security.
  2. Photos and videos with you – Hide materials. Photos and videos with InstagramPhotos and videos with Instagram
  3. A list appears, from which you can select publications with marks. Add photos automatically to Instagram tagsAdd photos automatically to Instagram tags

A simple way to immediately remove the mention: as soon as it appears notification, go to page, find in pop-up “clouds” your nickname. Press and wait until an action appears. Delete Answer in the affirmative and check the mention of your profile her times.

Check your Like History

The owner of the profile can track the pages where he previously left “I like”. Unlike the Saved category, the section with likes regularly updated with new ones.

You can get information in this way:

  1. Open the side menu – Settings. Like posts on InstagramLike posts on Instagram
  2. Account – Liked you publication. I like Instagram postsI like Instagram posts

If necessary, the mark can be removed. She will be removed from section, also removed the publication, which stood “Like”.

You can see the likes from your friends by going to the recommendations for photographs. Information about likes will appear right below the photo by clicking on which – you can see everyone who liked the post. Information about that “a friend tagged a photograph” can be seen next to all “me like it. “This also applies to closed pages.

Answering the question: is it possible to hide likes on Instagram from friends, it should be noted: the most standard way to not miss information – do not Like, do not comment records of others.

To prevent anyone from commenting on and mark a photo, just put such a user in “Black list “. This method shows how to hide likes on Instagram even for friends. But send messages to Yandex.Direct, view stories or new publications with a private profile, they can no longer.

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