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Hide photos on Instagram from subscribers became available in one of the latest updates. Users were able to archive images, and a little later – restore. In this case, the function editing disappears and the publication is restored to according to the original date.

Another way is to block a user who should not see pictures. It can be a subscriber or a stranger, browsing through stories or posting comments. Third – close the page and add subscribers to requests. Instagram publication archive exampleInstagram publication archive example

Hidden photos cannot be seen by other users if they were archived or the page was closed to strangers. If the account owner chose to block an individual user: subscribers will see this post.

Method 1: archive snapshots

The archiving function involves saving images and their restoration in the future. You can save and hide earlier Published photos. They stay in “Archive” located on top of the navigation bar. When uploading data, images from the storage will be placed in separate folder.

To take hidden photos on Instagram:

  1. Log in to the application using login and password.
  2. Go to the publication you want to hide.
  3. Click three dots in the upper right corner – Archive. Archive photos on InstagramArchive photos on Instagram

The image will be transferred to the Archive, where it can be viewed and recover. To see archived images on Instagram: click on the round clock-like icon in the panel navigation.

Instructions on how to restore a snapshot:

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  1. Open the “Archive of publications.” Find Instagram ArchiveFind Instagram Archive
  2. Find the photo you want. Show in profile from ArchiveShow in profile from Archive
  3. Click in the upper right corner: “Show in profile “.

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The publication will be re-posted, according to the date when was published for the first time. Edit or change not will work out.

Method 2: close the page

A closed Instagram account cannot be viewed until the page owner will not accept the subscription request. Such a method limits the number of audience, but allows you to filter subscribers. The owner will be able to hide all pictures from strangers, leaving only to those who have previously been subscribed to the profile. You cannot make a business profile private, so it’s transferred to Personal status.

Attention: making the account closed, all signed earlier will not be deleted. They will be able to view photos without additional confirmations.

Instructions on how to make the page closed on Instagram:

  1. In the application, click on the side menu – Settings
  2. Scroll to Closed account “. Closed Instagram account tickClosed Instagram account tick
  3. Set the slider to the active state.

For owners of business profiles: select in sections “Back to personal profile” and repeat the above actions.

Solving the question of whether it is possible to hide photos on Instagram so way, the user must remember – make private the business page will not work. To accept the application as a follower, you need to go to the “Notifications” category and to confirm.

You can view the profile of another user (if he open).

Method 3: block a person

The only way to hide Instagram photos from rights – block access to your page. To see “black list”, you need to go to the profile settings and select the section “Blocked.”

Steps to block another user:

  1. Go to the personal page of the desired person.
  2. Click on the three dots on top – Block. Block user on InstagramBlock user on Instagram
  3. Confirm actions by clicking “OK.”

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After that, he will not be able to access the page view. You can return the ability to add to subscribers only after unlock. This allows you to hide photos on Instagram not using additional services or applications.

Method 4: send photos to a private chat

In Instagram you can create private chats, the participants of which there will be users from the list: “Close friends”. Maximum number of participants – up to 30 people. In contrast to accommodation in social network through publications or Stories, the photo will see only a limited circle of users.

How to create a general chat and send a photo:

  1. Go to Instagram – go to Direct.
  2. Click the plus button on the top – select users in chat room.
  3. Go to correspondence – click on the icon: “Send photo”.
  4. Point from the Gallery or take a temporary shot.

The temporary photo will disappear after the time specified by the author. Then is: after the first viewing, after repeated and constant. IN In the first case, the picture will be available before the chat participants once they look at it. Permanent will remain in the chat forever.

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