How to increase subscribers’ confidence in Instagram?


Bloggers are different, black, white, red, but the same for everyone I want a lot of likes and comments to posts, that is, active an audience in subscribers trusting you. How to achieve this?

How to blogger on Instagram to communicate with their subscribers: 6 tips to increase your credibility

1. Be yourself

Readers' trust on InstagramNo need to copy anyone rewrite other people’s thoughts, steal images. No need out of mind to climb and be a phony or super mom, even if it’s very popular on Instagram. Lies, lack of charisma, attempts to betray yourself for another person – it’s ugly and someday necessarily will pop up (for example, start a live broadcast, and you’re not a vanilla at all, oops).

Find yourself, write in your own words and gradually your page overgrow subscribers who are close to you in spirit. But those with you do not agree, drop out.

2. Connect with your subscribers on their pages

Remember to reciprocate with your Subscribers: like them, comment. It spurs and They come to you and do not miss your posts. If time is at all no, you can always set up your friends’ masslicking in any promotion service.

3. Do not be afraid to show your problems, weaknesses and limitations

Firstly, your readers are also living people, and they like to read. and understand that yours is the same as theirs. Secondly, it has already become fashionable on Instagram – to write not only vanilla posts where you have everything is always good.

4. Create interesting content and remember that it can be different

Readers' trust on InstagramDo not get hung up on something one thing: upload not only photos, but also videos, do not go around side of the story, be sure to conduct live broadcasts. On Instagram different people are sitting, and someone likes to watch a video, and someone read the sheets of the posts. Many generally stopped scrolling through their tape and look only stories. So for each type of content on You’ll find an audience on your page.

5. Do not forget about the promotion

You always need new subscribers! Because the old ones are different reasons may stop reading you: generally leave Instagram, interest in the topic of your blog may fade, but just a person outgrew some stage of his life, it happens. Therefore fresh An interested audience is a must. Otherwise comments and likes your profile just will gradually fade away.

6. Follow the negativity on your page

Carefully use holivars to hit the top, block trolls. You don’t need to assume that anyone on your Instagram profile You can come and, sorry, shit. Do not let yourself throw dirt and stones.

Do your readers on Instagram love you? Follow your advice listen to your opinion?

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