How to lead a beautiful Instagram in one style


Everyone knows that they are met by clothes. And especially when it comes to such a visual social. networks like Instagram. You may have breathtaking texts. But you risk going unnoticed because the user first sees the picture, photo. If they caress glance, then the chances that it comes down to reading are much are increasing. And if you lead Instagram in one style, then the chances of finding subscribers are being built in square.

If you stare at the photos of bloggers and want to have the same cool accounts, then you should read this article. She has Zina @cool_insta_photo_ identified the main points on the way to beautiful profile.

The color scheme in one style

In order to lead Instagram “to the envy of the neighbors”, it is necessary determine the color scheme that will prevail on your photos. See which color is most in your wardrobe? What surrounds you? What time of year is outside the window? What colors you love?

How to Instagram in the same style

Choose for yourself three basic and their shades. Try to alternate so that the photos look harmonious. Color wheel to you to help.


It is desirable to take a photo in natural light – knows about it today is even a schoolboy. Correctly exposed light is a guarantee good frame.

The best time to shoot is early morning when you get up the sun, and early evening when the sun sets. Then the items are not cast hard shadows and the photos are great.


Do not neglect this item if you decide to lead beautiful account. No noise, overexposure, artifacts littered horizons in your pictures should not be.

Try to filter the content. If you really like the photo, but it is of poor quality, no matter how you like, put it on the page is not worth it. You did great, but the trash got into the frame tank? Do not be too lazy to remove it.

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Unfortunately, in Instagram there is no possibility of preliminary view your photos in the feed. But there are several Mobile apps that do a great job of this. With their help you load into the program not yet published photos and see how they will look in your profile. Move, change, play tag, until you like it result.

There are both paid and free planners. One of mine favorite applications – UNUM. It has a fairly intuitive interface. The only negative is the number of grids (empty cells). With time will have to buy. But it’s worth it.

How to Instagram in the same style


The uniform style is good because photo processing is not particularly different from photo to photo. No need to impose “stop a hundred” filters. Choose the pair that suits you the most Like and alternate them. Better yet, use one filter. For Beauty can also impose various glare effects, add beautiful fonts. Experiment, but in moderation.

As you can see, this is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to get started Today and tomorrow your page will pleasantly surprise everyone.

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