How to Like on Instagram


How to Like on Instagram

Updated – December 18, 2019

If you liked the publication (photo) of one of your subscribers, you can like on Instagram.

Thus, you will show your approval, make it nice to the user. And then he will like your publications (mutual sympathy).

How to Like on Instagram

  1. We find the publication that we liked.
  2. В левом нижнем углу касаемся сердечкаHow to Like on InstagramHow to Like on InstagramHow to Like on Instagram(или 2 раза касаемся публикации).
  • If you want a lot of hearts, you can wind up the likes in Instagram (see article).

How to remove like?

You can delete likes on Instagram in the same way.

В левом нижнем углу касаемся сердечка How to Like on InstagramHow to Like on InstagramHow to Like on Instagram. Just a double tap will not remove the like.

Why can’t I like Instagram on Instagram?

There may be several reasons:

  • Instagram itself is buggy – it happens, so it costs a little wait;
  • No internet access – check your internet connection, you never know;
  • You have exceeded the limit for likes – no more than 50 can be set per hour likes (for new accounts – 25), per day – no more than 1200 (see article – how many likes per day you can put).

In July 2019, a rumor appeared that the number of likes want to hide. Will the likes on Instagram be removed? Read the article.

And from the computer you can put like on Instagram?

Yes. In the web version, the steps are exactly the same. Favorite placed with two clicks too.

Accidentally put a like on Instagram and removed immediately. Will notice is the user?

If he is online right now, he will receive a notification Instagram (see article). When absent (left from the application) – will not come.

If you remove the like on Instagram will be visible? The user will receive notification?

Not. The user is not notified of the withdrawal of the like will come.

How to see who put a like on Instagram?

All liked posts on Instagram (see article) can be found in the settings. In the lower right corner, go to your аккаунтHow to Like on Instagram, сверху открываем менюHow to Like on Instagramи выбираем “Настройки”How to Like on Instagram. We are interested in the section “Publications you like.”

I want to keep the publication, but I do not want to like this. What to do?

To do this, there are bookmarks on Instagram (see article). You can even create a selection of saved posts (only you will be visible).

And how do you know who likes a particular user?

It’s very simple to see who people like: in the lower right углу приложения касаемся How to Like on InstagramHow to Like on InstagramHow to Like on Instagram.

In the upper left corner, select “Subscriptions”. Here you can see who likes your users signed up.

P.S. Instagram removed the subscription tab.

If interested, you can see the most popular photos in Instagram for the entire existence of the application (from 10 to 50 million likes).

Video tutorial on how to like on Instagram.

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