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There are two ways to make a link to Viber on Instagram: by entering the URL yourself or using third-party services. The received address can be specified in the social network, in the section “Edit profile”.

To make a link to Viber on Instagram, the user You will need a short code and a phone number. Also, in the messenger There is a separate group chat URL. It can be sent embed on Instagram and invite other people.

Add Link to your Viber on Instagram:

  • through third-party sites where you can add a list of links;
  • by adding a code and inserting your number.

If you additionally use services to shorten the URL, when posting on Instagram the number on the social network will not be visible.

How to make a link:

  1. Copy code: Viber.
  2. Edit – insert your number instead of asterisks mobile.
  3. Re-copy the code and paste into Instagram.

Such a URL will be active, by clicking on which – the application will transfer to the creation of a new chat in Viber.

To reduce, you need to use the services: Yandex.Clicker or Bitly. Just paste the URL into the address bar to get active correspondence address.

Unlike the standard URL, the resulting URL will be shortened and confidential.

An active link to Viber can be inserted through the service The site has a free service package where you can add one or 2 URLs. The user receives one address for all social networks or instant messengers. But as with the code, you need put the URL in the page description.

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Account editing is available from three versions of Instagram: mobile, web and computer applications for Windows 10.

Edit page from web:

  1. Open any available browser – go to
  2. Log in – go to your page. Edit profile on InstagramEdit profile on Instagram
  3. Click: Edit Profile – go down to the “About” yourself. ”
  4. Paste the previously received code or address. Specify a link to viber on InstagramSpecify a link to viber on Instagram
  5. Save changes.

From the mobile version, insert the link to Viber, in the application:

  1. Go to Instagram – enter the credentials.
  2. Click on the icon of your page.
  3. Select among the buttons: “Edit.”
  4. Paste the URL and save.

You can’t put any signs next to the link, but if previously text – use the Enter character to fall back to the next string.

How to share a QR code in publications

One way to share a link from your account to Viber – use a QR code. Encrypted is available in the messenger a link that can be saved to a mobile device and post on Instagram.

Other users need to scan to follow the link. information from the screen of another smartphone or computer.

How to make a QR code in Viber:

  1. Open messenger – log in.
  2. Go to the section: “My profile” – click on the avatar QR code icon.
  3. Under the opened camera, select: “My code”.
  4. Take a screenshot from the screen – publish on a social network in type of publication or story.

The user can edit the screenshot with a QR code, cropping unnecessary. The cipher contains a direct URL to add another person to friends.

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Also, the QR code from Viber can be printed and photographed for Instagram. To other users to add as friends, necessary:

  1. Go to Viber – select the section: “QR code”.
  2. Scan – point the camera at the cipher.
  3. Wait until the system displays another page person.
  4. Add or write a message.

The link only leads to the chat creator account for group correspondence or personal communication. When posting your data, you need closely monitor users who are added to the list interlocutors.

Recommendations and possible difficulties

Pointing a link to Viber on Instagram, we must not forget that phone number and personal contacts are now available to each visitor profile. To be safe, you need to close the page or send URL only in private messages. Having inserted in Direct, the link accepts this format: a short description and a thumbnail of the application.

If other users cannot enter the address, enter number in international format, that is – adding a character in front of: “+7”. Filling in the address, you need to carefully check each digit, otherwise it will be impossible to go into the chat.

Make a link to Viber on Instagram for comments and publications are also not allowed. The address will not be active, that is, others users will not be able to go to chat on it, add to contacts or write.

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