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What is a selfie? Why is it so popular? How right take a selfie? We will answer all these questions in this article.

Selfie – from the English word Selfie means taking a picture of ourselves, i.e. self-portrait, still this type of photography in Russia affectionately became call yourself. Basic hashtags selfies Instagram: #selfie #selfienation #selfies #me analogues in Russian # selfie # selfies # self portrait # self-shoot. By Instagram statistics have the third most popular hashtag. #me c more than 300 million photos, hashtag #selfie in 14th place with mark in 180 million photos. Statistics don’t lie, she shows the appalling development of narcissism in society.

Have you ever wondered why selfies are so popular? It’s all due to the fact that people are being pushed by various media, television, Internet, which in turn illuminate popular for us showmen, movie stars, TV hosts, athletes and other popular people. Very often on the front pages of all media we read news about another piece of news under the headline: selfie stars, selfie celebrities. For example, in query statistics Instagram search “Selfie Borodina” is searched by more than 20 thousand people, and selfieKim Kardashian more than a million users.

In recent times, “self-arrows” have become so popular that their politicians from the country’s top leadership have already begun to make.

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Self-love is not alien to anyone. Nowadays, narcissism is no longer causes reproaches of a society. Today, selfie has become one of the areas photographs and art can be said. Selfie popularity encourages manufacturers to make special devices for improving and facilitating self-portrait photography, and various companies, groups, communities hold contests selfie.

Selfies of Alena Vodonaeva

There’s nowhere to go from such a pressure of popularity of self-portraits that it remains to be done – of course try to make your self portrait and improve skills over time.

How to make a cool selfie for Instagram

  • Take a picture of your face. The photo should always attend your face, learn basic knowledge take pictures;
  • You have to take pictures of yourself without help strangers;
  • Self-portrait is conveniently done using the front camera on smartphones;
  • Take a selfie with the main camera of the smartphone, you can use mirrors. You need to stand in front of the mirror and select the desired angle. It is advisable to turn off the flash to avoid glare and light photos, it is best to use maximum lighting in the room;
  • Self-portrait can be done using special hand tripods. The purpose of this device is to fix as much as possible image so that there are no blurry pictures. It allows Strengthen both smartphones and cameras. Selfie Tripod Can move apart like a telescopic rod and thereby increase the distance. This will help you find any angle and get unforgettable shots;
  • If necessary, you can use the processing of a selfie photos, increase / decrease contrast, brightness, add instagram effects;
  • Post a photo on the social network Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte or somewhere else.


Basic rules for selfies:

  • According to the rules of good manners, selfie on Instagram is prohibited for those who are over 21 years old, but this does not apply to celebrities, stars, models, all those who earn their living appearance.

Let us explain what this is connected with. Instagram is from the USA and naturally that american youth is starring trendsetter on Instagram. Adults in America become at the age of 21 years. Teens think that adults and so and what the youth came up with is not limited will remain for youth. In Russia, little familiar with the main Instagram trends and unwritten rules abroad. therefore all the time we can see millions of adults who take selfies in unlimited quantities.

  • The correct hashtags.

If you use hashtags for your selfies, then use only proper topic hashtags. For example, will you be pleased? When you are looking at the hashtag #photo day #photooftheday, meet another selfie of an unknown person.

  • Reasonable amount of selfie shots.

Again, by unwritten Instagram rules, preferably a number of selfie pictures no more than 1-2 pieces. in month. Everyone knows that the user’s page is displayed. in the form of a square grid of small preview photos. If you will make a lot of self-portraits, it immediately catches the eye users who come to your account. It’s not rare causes sarcasm, jokes on the part of your friends and other guests who came to your page.

  • Look worthy.

Always pay attention to what is in the background his next self-portrait. No photo bombs – items and people. Imagine that a girl took a selfie – a young mother, and on her scattered stuff, mess, and even worse, crying child. Agree that this will cause a storm of negative emotions and condemnation from others.

  • Show your emotions.

Show your real emotions, it is always appreciated by surrounding. Be honest with yourself and other people.

Now you know the basic rules for shooting and placing your selfie on Instagram. Use these recommendations and you are always be appreciated by your friends and society. We wish you a successful and unforgettable selfie!

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