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The need to close an account on Instagram may appear in in case the user wants to restrict access to publications. This can be done from the computer version and from the mobile.

Differences between a closed account and an open one

A closed account is a page that you can access only after confirmation by the account owner. Visitors not see publications: they will not be able to put a varnish or leave a comment until the application is approved.

A similar account format is suitable:

  • for a personal photo album. User can post photos for your loved ones and friends;
  • for closed companies or communication of colleagues within one enterprises;
  • at the beginning of the launch of a product or preparation for the creation blog post. Closed profile on InstagramClosed profile on Instagram

By closing the page, the user receives a smaller influx audience, can limit the profile from outsiders. Wherein, closing a business account will not work – in the settings, the function simply disappears.

Close account from phone

The main functionality is implemented in a mobile application. The user can quickly switch to settings, specify the type account. Implemented on iOS and Android, the difference is only in the arrangement of functions and settings.

Closing the page, the old subscribers remain and can View photos as before. To limit access to any of the subscribers, it’s enough to block.

To do this, go to the account of the required user, click in top right three dots. In the drop-down list, select “Block user”. Instagram temporarily blockInstagram temporarily block

After the update, the function “Temporarily restrict access “. The account owner can specify what type of content is not will be displayed by another person. It could be: stories, Post or comment below posts.

Close Instagram with iPhone

You can make a closed account from iPhone in this way:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Go to settings at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll to Closed Account. Close account with iphoneClose account with iphone
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By moving the slider, the user can limit the viewing records, subscriptions. In the future, to receive comments or likes from outsiders, you need to confirm requests to subscribe. They appear in the “Likes” – Mine section.

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When connecting a business account, there is no close button. Owner needs switch to a personal page format, and after that limit view publications.

For example, keeping a personal blog this way will not work – closed profiles repel prospective subscribers. Switch to Instagram profileSwitch to Instagram profile

Close Instagram with Android

With Android-a, the procedure is the same as for iOS. Owner the page should go into the main settings of the account:

  1. Scroll to the “Profile Actions” section.
  2. Move the slider to “Closed”. Closed account on InstagramClosed account on Instagram

In new versions of Instagram, the function of confirming applications has become work slower. Due to the fact that in the last update The administration has taken measures to block the pages that have been twisted.

Confirm the application of several users at once will not work. The page owner can mark subscribers one by one and allow access to the page.

That is, if several profiles are subscribed to at once man – it will take more time to confirm.

With frequent applications, the profile may be blocked. This does not occur with open pages where the owner only viewing subscribed users is available.

Close account from computer

Restricting access from the phone is easier, but also in the browser version the procedure does not take more than a few seconds.


  1. Log in to the official website.
  2. Next to the profile is the “Edit” button profile”. Edit profile on Instagram with pcEdit profile on Instagram with pc
  3. Among the available sections, select “Privacy and security”. Closed account from Instagram computerClosed account from Instagram computer
  4. Check the “Closed profile” checkbox.

Reload the page for the changes to take effect.

To confirm the application with subscribers from the computer, the owner should click on the button with a heart like it (in the upper part screen) and click on the last alert. There will be an opportunity selection: “Confirm subscription or not.”

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You can close your Instagram account at the time of the contest or in case publications should not be seen by others. To restore the status of an open profile, just go to the same categories of settings. Switching does not affect the quantity subscribers that were previously.

If necessary, temporarily stop activity, user can connect the function “Temporarily block the page.” To to restore activity you need to log in again, confirm Telephone number. Profile will not be displayed when search, and other participants will see a message: “Account temporarily blocked. ”

New privacy rules

After the update, the section: “Close account” was moved to tab: “Privacy”, Features have also been added, like hide the page for a specific category of users.

To make your account private in the new version of Instagram:

  1. Go to Settings – Privacy.
  2. Close account – move the slider.

The second function is to set the minimum age for access to to the content. Available to business account holders and pages “Authors”. Aims to create a psychologically healthy atmosphere inside the Instagram community. In one of the updates and when registration, the user must indicate his age. Visitors profile can apply to block another person, if on his photographs depict children or “The owner has not reached 13 years”.

How to set the minimum age:

  1. Go to Settings – Company.
  2. Select: “Minimum age.”
  3. Enter the desired number – Save.

In addition to the general indicator, there is an additional indicator for individual countries. For example, the age of majority in the US is 21 years old, and in Canada – 19.

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