How to make a collage on Instagram using InstaPicFrame applications


InstaPicFrame – a convenient and simple application that I I use on my Android phone and tablet to create beautiful collages for Instagram, pictures that contain several photos in one at once. For some reason, it’s for me liked more than everyone else.

What InstaPicFrame can do and how to use it

InstaPicFrame: how to make a collage on InstagramProgram knows how to make a variety of collages, and then send them to Instagram, as well as other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), You can send the result by e-mail. To create such a picture click “Pro Mode” when starting InstaPicFrame. Images are immediately square and do not need to be cropped when Instagram upload. Borders separating photographs can perform in a different style: change their color, fill, thickness, set reflexivity, etc.

You can also place pictures on a separate beautiful background picture. To create such a photo masterpiece, click “Edit Mode”.

Button “Camera Mode” allows you to make a collage from photos that will be taken instantly.

The application also works with photos from the phone’s gallery, but, to Unfortunately, not friends with cloud services: neither with Dropbox, nor with Google Drive. Therefore, if your images are stored on a computer, for processing in the application they will have to be uploaded to the gallery phone.

I hope with the help of a simple and convenient program you can make your Instagram posts even more interesting and beautiful.

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