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You can add a link to your Instagram profile to other social networks. This is a way to find friends or share additional contacts with friends. In VK, make a link to Instagram is possible through the integration of services, adding to the publication and setting to status.

On Instagram, the link consists of the user’s nickname, that is: the site’s address is in front, and then the login. Also, get active The link can be from the browser version by copying the address above. An additional way is to ask your friends to send a link to the page.

How to copy URL from browser version:

  1. Enter the computer version on Instagram.
  2. Log in – go to your page. Copy link from InstagramCopy link from Instagram
  3. Copy link to profile.

Now, you can go to Vkontakte and paste at any convenient place to place. Publishing is easier: the user copies address, inserts into the creation of the publication VK and receives not only link, but also displaying the post on the page.

With the synchronization of VK and Instagram, a link is not needed. But the owner pages must be logged in to Instagram in advance to quickly connect two pages. A nickname and a direct line will appear in the VK profile link, with the possibility of transition. Displayed in the Contact section information “if the profile is open.

How to add a link to Instagram through VK through integration:

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  1. Go to the page in VK.
  2. Top “Edit” – Contact information. Contacts section in VK for InstagramContacts section in VK for Instagram
  3. The Instagram icon will appear – Configure Import. Set up import from Instagram to VKSet up import from Instagram to VK
  4. In the tab that opens, enter the username and password for the second pages.
  5. Confirm linking profiles.

-> TO ак скрыть подписки в Инстаграме

A separate album will appear on the page in VK, where they will be Instagram photos posted. User can specify in Open to All, Closed, or “Only available to friends.”

Link to Instagram use:

  • in the profile description. Contacts section as a website or import settings;
  • in status. Insert the “dog” icon and nickname;
  • in publications. Make the URL per post.

In status, the address is inactive to find the user nickname is indicated in Instagram search bar.

How to add a link to Vkontakte status:

  1. Copy or remember your username on Instagram.
  2. Go to VK – click on the status bar. Indicate in the status of VK InstagramIndicate in the status of VK Instagram
  3. Enter: “@” and insert the login.

Preferably, before the link indicate the word: “Instagram” or make any other mark.

Instructions on how to make an active address in the “Site” section:

  1. Go to VK – on the top “Edit”.
  2. Contacts – line: “Personal site”. Personal Instagram sitePersonal Instagram site
  3. Copy URL from Instagram.

Now the full page address will appear on the page. Users will be able to go and subscribe to the profile. Links also exchanged in private messages. By sending a link to VK, it will appear itself address and thumbnail of the avatar, without a profile description.

If the profile owner has more than 10,000 subscribers and the “Links” feature is available in Stories – you can add a URL to Vkontakte page.

But it’s better to place such a Story in Actual so that subscribers were able to go and subscribe:

  1. Go to Instagram – choose: “Storis”.
  2. Add new publication – upload a photo or video.
  3. Select a paper clip icon from the top – Add URL.
  4. Point Link to a page in VK.
  5. Confirm placement.

-> Не загружается видео в Instagram

The link will be indicated at the bottom of the image and subscribers will be able to go on it if you swipe up. Application automatically redirects to the browser version or installed VC to a smartphone.

Also, you can place the URL on the profile in another social network text:

  1. Go to create a publication for Stories.
  2. Select: “Text” – paste the address on the profile.
  3. Save.

But in this case, the Link will be non-clickable and subscribers need will copy it to go to the page. To specify a URL in Storys need to use the shortened form of the address: without Https and personal signs. For example, specify only the domain of the social network and your nickname.

Good placements

It is most successful to place a link in status and publications. In the first event, it will be visible to subscribers and friends. In publications – the user will be able to follow the link and immediately get to photo, video.

How to add a link to a post from your phone:

  1. Go to the page on Instagram.
  2. Choose your publication – three dots on top.
  3. Copy link.

Now, you need to return to VK and insert the link in the publication. Before posting, wait for the page to load until it appears Thumbnail photos. After – share the entry with your friends.

In VK, you can make a link to Instagram in the description of the picture. Кfor example, if a user places a photo and wants to share your profile on another social network. Before publishing, you need go to the section: “Description” and paste the previously copied address.

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