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Do you want to promote your page on Instagram? Or maybe Want to organize an online store on Instagram? We will help you work most effectively on Instagram, teach the necessary skills and tactics! In this article we will try the most accessible and tell you in detail about the tools to promote your account quickly and efficiently.

Instagram marketing – how to promote Instagram promote instagram

Instagram is a mobile social media portal in a fast pace conquering a large number of new users. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that entrepreneurs want both signify your presence there soon, conquering the loyal crowd of fans. Forrester Research (action-based users) confirmed that it is Instagram followers demonstrate the highest level of activity on social networks. What follows from this? Create an Instagram account and get started work! Below are a few ways to attract fans.

1. Create perfect shots.

Most of all, Instagram page popularity is affected Published photos. Thus creating excellent graphic content is the marketing starting point in this social network.

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Until recently, posted photos must were square (1: 1 ratio). In late August, the creators service have made changes that allow sharing and rectangular images. On the one hand, this was a big step towards to users, and on the other hand, it signifies a loss of hallmark of the site.

Taking snapshots directly on Instagram has some restrictions. To get around them, you can use special programs. For example, Camera Awesome (available for iOS and Android) provides a lot more effects and framing options that will please your fans stamps.

You should know how many users are switching from Instagram to your website. Unfortunately, Google Analytics is not able to provide accurate statistics on this (especially when users visit a page from an account on mobile device).

To measure the exact number of clicks in the account description use the link from the Bitly page (or similar). So this way you can check the data coming directly and Find out how many visitors go from Instagram to your site. Each time you run a new campaign or create a landing page, you can change this short link to get accurate statistics click data.

If you want to use Instagram as a marketing tool, do not use a personal account, but create a special page. Keep in mind that the brands that are most successful at this portal (Nike, Starbucks, National Geographic and others), always Plan your publications very carefully.

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Use the link in “Bio” under the account name to move fans to a landing page where they can find entertaining content, promotions or interesting events, as well as the ability to subscribe to the newsletter. It all depends on what you want to achieve (therefore, it’s worth considering in advance).

4. Advertise your partners

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Whenever possible, promote affiliate brands. Last Instagram trends include tagging or even direct promotion of other companies, products and services. For example, a small a restaurant and a local beer producer can be mutually denoted each other’s tags, thereby increasing visibility and efficiency advertising messages. This will provide three main advantages: the recognition of marketing partners will increase the number of subscribers and increase traffic and sales among local enterprises.

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Through the Instagram Explore feature, users can search Photos related to trendy hashtags. If some tag matches your brand, use it with published snapshots: this will automatically increase their visibility. A bunch of known users simultaneously indicate up to 20 different hashtags. This seems like a rather laborious process, but if the photos are of the same type, you can simply copy the list of tags and Paste them in each new publication.

6. Engage Instagram users in marketing funnel

For most brands, attracting new fans to Instagram has undeniable value. However, this is only The first step to an effective marketing strategy. To really benefit and tap potential customers need to know the appropriate ways to get addresses email subscribers or just ask fans provide them.

Share the image with the relevant call to action in captions under it (or inside the photo itself). Explain to users that by clicking on the link in the account description, they can access to interesting content or to take part in the competition. For this just need to share your email address. Each a subscriber who fulfilled this condition becomes a potential a client (with whom you can then establish a long-term relationship). To use this tactic effectively, create a special page where visitors will be redirected. Very well, if its design is similar to the design of your account in Instagram

7. Use advertising

The most entertaining marketing function of this service is the ability to create advertisements. In the feed, you can increasingly notice sponsorship links promoting a specific product. Such Ads also serve to increase brand awareness.

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Instagram advertising gives companies new channels of interaction with a specific audience. Previously, only people signed up for an account brand on Instagram, could see new brand photos. Now, companies it is possible to promote graphic content among a certain user groups, regardless of whether they are brand followers or not.

Advertising options are still quite limited, but use them Just a few Instagram partner brands. But you can expect that in sponsorship links will soon be more developed and available to all comers. It’s hard to find the best a way to increase brand awareness on the network than active actions on Instagram. The platform is constantly being improved for convenience. individual users and entire companies. Try use at least some marketing methods and ideas of this service and make sure that they are effective for your brand!

If you are not registered on Instagram, do it directly now!

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