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There are circles under the profile description line with the name “Actual”. These are the “Stories” that the user has posted for constant viewing. There is one functional way, like make “Actual” on Instagram and many others that allow you to decorate records.

Creating Permanent Stories

If standard stories disappear after 24 hours, then The “actual” Storis on Instagram remains until the user deletes it. You can only create on new versions of the application by adding to Stories any news.

It is recommended to add to the section:

  • welcome message. May be a short description pages, selfies and various photos of the owner;
  • categories with important information. Suitable for bloggers as well those who plan to develop a profile in the commercial direction;
  • advertising. Online stores and companies can create a price list and update as needed.

Instagram Actual History exampleInstagram Actual History example

The user can decorate the panel with Instagram Stories, Using third-party applications or programs on your PC. This the panel can be left without covers, regularly updating content in categories.

How to create “Actual”

To sort information in the Archive and Stories, the user You can create up to ten permanent Instagram stories. For of this:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Under the page description, click on the “+” in the circle. Create New Actuals in Instagram StoriesCreate New Actuals in Instagram Stories
  3. Select the publication you want to add to the News.
  4. Enter a name, you can edit the cover. Add an entry to the current InstagramAdd an entry to the current Instagram
  5. Click Finish to complete.
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The second way, how to add Topical with a cover:

  1. Upload a photo to Stories.
  2. When publishing, select “Highlight” or “My Story” – Add to News. Add to Actual InstagramAdd to Actual Instagram
  3. Edit and publish.

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Account owner can edit descriptions and covers in any time. By uploading a snapshot, he will be in Stories, and others users will be able to view it.

To add News to Instagram without History, you need Select a publication from previously created ones. You can do this using the first instruction, but if the required images were already added.

Also, the user can add a cover to the Stories, by publishing only to “Best Friends.” For this, during the placement, you need to select subscribers who can view image. Using the instructions, place image in the “Actual”.

Covers and artwork

Screensavers for “Actual” can be found in special Highlight application or use images in PNG. Resolution standard, corresponding to the mobile format – 1920 px by 1080. When published, the picture will be placed in a round the form where the labels or stickers will stand out.

To create a cover in Highlight Cover:

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. In the window that opens, select a template. The application for creating the Latest on InstagramThe application for creating the Latest on Instagram
  3. Use the editing tools to change the background, add lettering and change stickers. Create an icon for the actual on InstagramCreate an icon for the actual on Instagram
  4. Click on the “Save” button to save the file. to a mobile device.

You can set the cover through the standard placement in History. Using standard stickers and background images, you can create beautiful “Actual”.

Recommendation: do not overload the cover with stickers and text.

Often, the new Actual on Instagram is created as colored background without adding additional images. To create your own original covers, you can use programs like Photoshop or PicsArt. Moving a picture to background, editing tools, position changes are available.

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Why did the Actual disappear from the list

One of the problems associated with Storis on Instagram is Actual disappears due to failures or errors in the operation of the social network. TO For example, during one of the errors on the server in the summer, users lost old pictures from the stories. The same applies to the Actual, where videos and images are uploaded.

What to do if the stories disappeared:

  • send a complaint to technical support. Take advantage section in the appendix: “Help”;
  • upload photos again;
  • check the stability of the network connection and the loading of others materials.

If other posts or History do not load, it means in Instagram technical problems or network connection unstable. Need to check the work of the Internet in other social networks or use the DownDetector website. Showing crashes and mistakes that recently occurred on Instagram or what difficulties users experience when logging in, downloading materials.

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