How to make an animation (GIF-sticker) on Instagram Stories?


Noticed funny gifs on Instagram Stories? Such an animation called “GIF Stickers” and make it very simply.

If you don’t have GIFs in Stickers for Stories, then you need to update either Instagram or smartphone. Storys GIFs available for versions older than Instagram 29 on iPhone and Android.

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How to make an animation in Instagram stories?

  1. Go to History
  2. Take a photo or upload from the gallery
  3. Click on the “Sticker” button sticker animation on Instagram Storis
  4. Find the GIF Icon Instagram story sticker gif
  5. Select the desired animation, click and it is added to a photo
  6. If you want to move the gif, click on it with your finger and while holding, drag to the desired part of the screen.

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