How to make crossed out text on Instagram


How to make crossed out text on Instagram

Updated – November 11, 2019

Strikethrough text on Instagram is in high demand among active users.

Strikethrough text draws attention users to a publication or profile.

And most importantly – you can write a crossed out word or text for a couple of simple steps.

How to make crossed out text on Instagram

This will help free online service.

  1. Go to the service via the link.
  2. Writing a word or text.
  3. In the lower form we look for crossed out text (on the computer – on right).
  4. Copy the crossed out text.
  • From the phone, perform a long tap on the text (press and hold) and copy it.

You can now paste the copied strikethrough text into almost any place (see other Instagram secrets).

Strikethrough Instagram TextStrikethrough Instagram Text

Where can I insert strikethrough text on Instagram?

  • Instead of a name (in your profile, tap “Edit Profile” and paste the text instead of the name);
  • In the information about yourself (a special field will be a little lower – insert text);
  • In the signature for the publication (in the description of the photo or video, insert text – do not forget to make a paragraph for aesthetics and align to center);
  • In the comments to the publications (comment on the post strikethrough text);
  • In a message (go to direct and send a message with crossed out text).

By the way, on the same service you can make a beautiful font in Instagram (see article).

Video lesson on how to make crossed out text in Instagram.

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