How to make falling snow in the photo in Instagram


The falling snow in the photo is not a beautiful Instagram filter. But him can be done using other applications. In the end, after applying effect, you get a mini-video that you can post to Instagram.

Falling snow before the New Year can only compete with the effect of flickering on the frequency of use by bloggers. But often applications, in addition to overlaying falling snow, also whiten the photo, and make blurry and substandard. We found photo apps, which beautifully make the desired effect and do not ruin the photo. Bonus – masks on Instagram Stories that make falling snow, the crown of snowflakes, winter hat with round glasses.

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An example of processing the photo below (do not forget that this is actually video – you need to click in the middle so that it plays and you saw the effect of falling snow. In the Instagram feed automatic, so it seems like this is a photo with a filter.

Публикация от МЫ НЕ ПРОДАЁМ (@grammarhelp)

You can make falling snow on Instagram photos in applications:

? Nature Photo Effects maker (for Android)

? Werble (for iPhone)

How to snow on a photo in an application Effects Maker

  1. Go to the application, click “Start”
  2. Choose a folder with a photo, after the desired photo, click OK bottom right
  3. Crop, rotate if necessary. Click Crop Right up
  4. Choose the desired effect. The most beautiful snow is Effect 2. Click the checkmark in the upper right corner, waiting for processing
  5. Make a post on Instagram.

An example of falling snow in the Werble app

How to make falling snow on Instagram Stories

? How to add and use rare Istagram V’s masks our account @ grammarhelpwe publish new masks with unusual effects every day.

@Kusamukusa has a mask with falling snowflakes for photo / video and @dasha_cher’s.

Mask with a winter hat and round glasses @yarovyivladyslav Mask with a crown of snowflakes – @dasha_cher Santa hat – @kusamukusa

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