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Live broadcasts appeared on Instagram more than a year ago, but individual users do not yet know what it is and why it is needed. Below it will be possible to learn how to watch it, save and whether it is accessible feature to users of the web version of the application.

Briefly about the function

This is a function with which you can share what is happening in real time. In a broadcast, a blogger may talk with your subscribers and answer all questions, which they ask him in the comments.

Here are some more facts about the function:

  • Subscribers are notified of the start of the broadcast. Necessary make sure that they are not seen by the “unnecessary” people;
  • Broadcasts are displayed in a line with Storeys and are marked appropriate inscription.
  • after the broadcast is completed, it can be saved in Storys or on telephone;
  • anyone watching a broadcast can post comments, hide them, send unlimited number of “hearts” to the leader; LiveLive
  • live broadcast on Instagram is allowed no more than 1 hour. By at the end of this time it will be automatically completed.

As practice shows, viewers retain interest no more 20-30 minutes. Better to try to meet this deadline.

Broadcast start

Launch live on Instagram in a few clicks:

  1. Go to Stories.
  2. Select the “Live” section. Live on InstagramLive on Instagram
  3. To record.
  4. The user can use both the front and the main smartphone camera. Reverse Camera for Instagram BroadcastReverse Camera for Instagram Broadcast

If you plan to conduct a long broadcast, it’s better not to keep the phone in your hand, and use the stand: a wall, a stack of books, open laptop or tripod.

Launch and view live Instagram from a computer can only users who have installed the application version for Windows The procedure will not be different from mobile options.


You can make a live broadcast on Instagram with your friend. IN In this case, the screen window will be divided into two parts.

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To enable live sharing:

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  1. Repeat the steps in the previous section. Live on Instagram to invite a friendLive on Instagram to invite a friend
  2. A friend must go into the broadcast and click the “Become” button guest. ”
  3. The host can accept or reject the incoming request. Double streaming InstagramDouble streaming Instagram
  4. To connect to another does not have to be him subscriber.


Users can not only go live on Instagram, but also save it to Storys or the memory of a mobile phone. As a result, the broadcast (though already offline) will see more subscribers. Save Broadcast on InstagramSave Broadcast on Instagram

To keep the live broadcast, after its completion is necessary click on the save icon and select the desired item (Stories or gallery).

Preservation of another’s air

Owners of iPhone and iPad can use the application: Repost Stories for Instagram. To download using it, You must click on the Live button. Program for broadcasting on InstagramProgram for broadcasting on Instagram

How to download live feed from Instagram to your phone? Not here do without installing additional applications. For phones Android is perfect for StorySave.

Using the application, you can save Storis, record direct Broadcasts, photos and videos. The function is also available to the user. preserving all the stories of the people to whom it is subscribed. StorySave for AndroidStorySave for Android

The way to save from a computer is suitable for browser users Chrome To be able to save, you need to install Chrome IG Story extension. After that, opposite the broadcasts the “Save” button will appear.

Hide Broadcast

There are situations when the question arises before the user, how hide live streaming on Instagram.

To prevent a person from viewing broadcasts and stories, should:

  1. Click the icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Find the right user.
  3. Click the red cross icon next to it. avatar.
  4. After the completed actions, the blocked user will receive broadcast completion notification.

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You can also prevent viewing live broadcasts through the settings.

Before you start recording, you need to:

  1. Click the gear icon.
  2. Select “Story Settings”. Story View SettingsStory View Settings
  3. Mark users from whom to hide the broadcast and story
  4. Save changes by clicking on the checkmark. Hide Instagram StoriesHide Instagram Stories

Possible problems

The question why live on Instagram does not work arises quite rarely.

The causes of the problem may be:

  • old version of the application. For troubleshooting and getting full functionality is enough to update Instagram;
  • Little time has passed since registration. In some cases new users do not have access to all the functionality of the application, but soon everything will normalize;
  • old model of a mobile device or a problem in it work;
  • lack of internet connection.

Live Streaming Rules

When conducting a live broadcast on Instagram, the user must remember the rules. If the owner of the page has violated the use policy or privacy – a social network will block the broadcast. Or, Your account will be temporarily blocked.

What can not be done:

  • use direct advertising;
  • Insult subscribers and viewers
  • any kind of discrimination is prohibited;
  • weapons or similar imitations;
  • profanity can cause blocking.

Viewers may complain about the broadcast if the host has offended or wrote a negative comment. With three applications live will be blocked.

The administration has the right to close the broadcast without giving reasons for creator. A notification will appear on the screen: “The broadcast was completed “and notification of temporary blocking of the function. To restore the ability to live broadcasts: wait until the block will be removed or temporarily restrict activity on the page.

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