How to make live photos on Instagram


Live photos on Instagram are not really photos. In fact it videos created from a picture. You can make such a video in special applications. They are few, but they are.

Plotagraph – image animator for iOS

Owners of iPhones and iPads to create live photos on Instagram use the Plotagraph app. Unfortunately, it’s paid. (now worth $ 4.99), but intuitive. With it you can even make such beautiful videos.

plotagraphpro plotagraphpro

How to use: indicate the area you want to revive (the sea and other water in the photo usually cool “set”), select effect, save the resulting video and send to Instagram.

Lumyer – live photos for android

There is no Plotagraph for androids (maybe for now), but on Google Play I found it almost analogous to —Lumyer. This application is free and can also make a video out of your picture by overlaying it various “movements” (salute, snowflakes, floating clouds, for selfie – popping eyes, animated lips, glasses with reflection and some others).

How to make live photos on Instagram

However, these effects are limited: there are only a few free, the rest will have to be bought, and the editing area should be chosen don’t have to.

But overall, to indulge and amuse subscribers in Instagram, even free effects in Lumyer enough with head. The main thing is your imagination.

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