How to make money on Instagram bloggers


Paradise life on the island with the money you earned in Instagram is the dream of every blogger. Well, or maybe not heavenly life, and at least enough money not to go to work in the office. Want to know how much you earn on Instagram with subscribers? AND how to learn how to make real money on Instagram? In the article we share services that help bloggers find advertisers and earn in other ways.

A well-developed blog is not as simple as it seems from the outside. Working on Instagram is much more like a regular office than you think. Many major bloggers hire assistants and anyway constantly live with the phone in hand. The abyss is worth a week – and with the new ranking system your next post will be at the very end tapes, coverage will fall and half of subscribers will not even see it (to avoid this, write posts in advance and queue for posting using postponed posting services).

how to make real money on Instagram

Even just a lifestyle blogger is not so easy. Need to follow for appearance (it should always be perfect), have a bunch relevant clothes and accessories, look for interesting places, be able to Take beautiful photos and process them. Just upload selfies every time – this will only work with stars and girls with looks Pamela Anderson (and for such an appearance you need to go to the surgeon). You you say – yes, I’m already watching myself, this is not a problem! Problem in that you should not have “bad” days at all. Can do posts a week in advance, but then you need to be back in service. Try to post fresh photos every day and you will understand how much it is. easy / difficult. But in parallel you need to constantly engage promotion!

And if you are a mom, needlewoman, make-up artist or photographer – then in addition to photos you need to have a blog to earn money on Instagram money. Don’t just post random pics of what happened behind day. And think over posts in the subject of the blog, make a content plan, so that a new post comes out every day. It all seems logical and simple, but a lot of blogs about “nothing”, which are wound subscribers and want to earn money on Instagram, but for some reason not it turns out especially. A profitable blog is a daily work and effort in it needs to be invested a lot. Special programs can help for Instagram.

How much do bloggers earn Instagram on subscribers?

Advertising prices are very different depending on the topic blog post. An entertainment / lifestyle blog with no specific subject – 1 000 rub. for every 10,000 subscribers. Large stars (from 100,000 thousand subscribers) receive 30-50,000 each rub. and more, depending on status (there are those who only advertises premium products, and there are those who take shops flowers, home clothes, etc.). You don’t need to have friends, who will get the contacts of the star. Email is usually indicated in the header of the account or can be contacted through services for bloggers and advertisers (the list is below in the article).

How to make money on Instagram on subscribers

If your blog is thematic (motherhood, travel, fitness, psychology, vegetarianism, etc.) and Subscribers actively communicate in the comments and trust you, here the price tag can be much higher than 1,000 rubles. for 10,000 subscribers. Especially if you do not want subscribers from advertising, but sales. If after advertising your customer receives a good profit, he will appeal again. Mommy’s Blog Much More subscribers who need baby clothes than the model blog (even if she has 2 times more subscribers). Need to be able show the “quality” of your blog, then you can improve price tag.

You can also negotiate barter. Then you will not get money, and goods / services. If you didn’t like it, then in a good tone will return the goods.

The more bloggers appear, the greater the demand for advertising personal accounts. Those. bloggers advertise each other. In that If the price of advertising is estimated as from 2-3 rubles. and up to 10rub. behind Subscriber coming to the advertised account. If after your 1000 new subscribers arrived, then you can sell new advertising of approximately 2-10 thousand rubles, depending on the topic blog and follower age.

How to make money on Instagram

The very first step (in addition to publishing photos) is to make business account and keep track of statistics. So you better be understand your subscribers what they like and what not. And also you there will be numbers that you can show to advertisers and partners (reach, views, engagement). A screenshot from the statistics is much more convincing than any promises.

Earnings on likes and subscriptions in Instagram

The easiest way, any account is suitable. What do we have to do: complete tasks – like, subscribe, comment and etc.

How to make money on Instagram on advertising

The most popular way to make money on Instagram is advertising. Publish a post, get paid for it.

How much Instagram bloggers earn on subscribers

What should be your account for advertisers to come:

  • how many subscribers – from 10,000 (sometimes less, depends on topics and activities)
  • subscribers – non-paid (likes = 5-10% of subscribers, History coverage – at least 10%)
  • many comments from subscribers (not spam comments (“super!”, “great photo”), and the living people who communicate in your account)
  • regular posts (every day, you do not disappear for a week)
  • advertising posts are not too many, you have not advertised recently competitors (advertising through time – this is only Borodina’s rolls)

How to make an advertising post correctly

Often the advertiser gives his photo and text that you need publish. But it’s much better if you take a picture with yourself product or show the service on yourself (manicure, care procedures and etc.), and write the text in the style of your blog. Such an advertisement will be more native (as if your usual post) and will give a better response. Discuss with the advertiser how to best design an advertising post. Show that you want to make a sincere recommendation, not pass-through advertising post. Better to give up a dozen cheap “junk” advertising posts and take one more expensive with good a product that you can sincerely recommend. Appreciate your subscribers and do not trade for cheap advertising.

Underwater rocks

Relationships with advertisers don’t always go smoothly, sometimes you are offered text and photos that you don’t like, or you they prepared the post themselves, and the advertiser rejected it. Can it happens that the advertiser promised to pay, you prepared advertising post, it was shown, and the advertiser was gone. Even worse, if you advertised the store, your subscribers did there orders and are dissatisfied with the quality or did not receive the goods. In such case, first contact these advertisers, maybe something went wrong not so (the person became ill, did not see orders, etc.). If no answer will then have to do a separate post and ask subscribers do not order there again.

Nevertheless, despite all the delays, earn in Instagram on advertising real money is possible and this is most of income for bloggers.

Where to look for advertisers and see how many bloggers earn on advertising:



How to make money on Instagram consultants and trainers

If you still think that Instagram is exclusively for beautiful photos, then this is no longer the case. A lot of accounts not promoted due to the photo, but due to interesting / useful texts and the writer’s style and charisma of their author. So if you have, oh what to say, Instagram gives 2200 characters for one post – grab a pencil learn to quickly print.

If you are an accountant, lawyer, doctor, stylist, nutritionist, etc., then on Instagram, you can earn on consulting and selling your services. First, you populate your account with professional articles, gather an audience around you, answer questions in comments, do live streams, post stories and do polls, help subscribers for free. And after that you can already offer their services for a fee. This may be a consultation on Skype, webinars and offline consultations.

Like any blogger, you need to be active every day, respond to comments. But do not expect that you will have customers if you just write “doctor” in your account profile. Need to make a post about yourself “- who are you, education and work experience (10 years of experience are enough work, retyping the workbook is not necessary), what issues help decide. Make a separate post with consultation prices. So subscribers will understand if you can afford them. No one you have nothing will buy if you do not sell anything. Therefore except informative posts you should have those where you are in plain text write what services you offer and how much they cost.

Articles about the promotion of business accounts:

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Infobusiness has a bad name on the big Internet. Because many homegrown psychologists and consultants appeared “successful success.” They all learn how to earn 100,000 per month with scratch how to lose weight quickly without diets and how to return a husband or wife.

But the infobusiness is making money by selling information. You are an expert in your field and sell courses / trainings on this topic. If you are a really good specialist and offer listeners not water and empty promises, but practical working information, then get good reviews, you will be recommended to friends. All this help you earn money on Instagram by selling your information product. As with the sale of consultations – first collect audience (useful posts, free webinars), and after offer paid courses and trainings.

Partnership programs

An affiliate program is when you get% for a given customer. For example, a food delivery service gives you a personal promotional code for a discount. You tell subscribers about it and when someone makes an order for this promo code, you are charged% of this order.

A good and working affiliate program must still be sought. TO also recommend something poor quality to your subscriber (product or service) – means risking your reputation. And the better you have with the reputation and trust of subscribers, the more will be advertisers. Therefore, collaborate with those in whom you are sure. For example, if you like the quality of sportswear of the brand, which you advertise, then you will be shot high and post a photo in their clothes, and a promotional code for subscribers as an additional a bonus. Don’t “suck in” bullshit to your subscribers, trying to quickly make money on Instagram. In practice, one gives more income good affiliate program with quality products, not a dozen small (tea for weight loss, strips for whitening teeth and etc.).

Collaborations and brand ambassador

how to make money on the blogger on instagram

Promoted bloggers often offer brands to become their representative (ambassador). Sportswomen take pictures in uniform Nike and Adidas, beauty bloggers and actresses use makeup a certain brand, etc. To this level you need to grow, become a major blogger and opinion leader (e.g. Ambassador Ribock – Samburskaya). In this case, the partners enter into a contract, and during a certain term you can not do posts with a mention competing brands.

Collaborations with the brand can be done in small accounts. Sometimes the whole payment is barter, and if the blogger is untwisted (from approximately 100,000 subscribers), then in addition to free goods and services (airline tickets and accommodation for travelers) are offered also a fee.

Collaboration examples:

  • travelers – travel agencies and hotels (airline tickets, residence)
  • beauty bloggers and lifestyle bloggers – cosmetics, young brands clothes, beauticians, hairdressers, etc.
  • nutritionist blogger or fitness trainer – healthy food brands, sports wear
  • doctor – medical centers

Sales / Online Store on Instagram

This type of earnings for needlewomen, seamstresses, small shops. Knitwear, dresses, jewelry, bags, cakes to order, soft toys. If your assortment is not so large, then a separate the site is not needed, you can safely sell products through Instagram and make money on it.

When there is an untwisted personal blog, then sell something through Instagram is becoming much easier. For example, a phony start making your sportswear, beauty blogger – cosmetics handmade, stylist – clothes and accessories, etc. What is already there is a base of subscribers who trust you, will help to make the first sales, get first reviews. That is, you save money on marketing and advertising.

If there is no blog yet, then fill in the account with good photos of the product (do not spare money for a photo shoot, it is very important for sales) and buy advertising from other bloggers (check if their accounts). This will give the first subscribers and buyers.

What to do if there is no budget for either a photo shoot or advertising bloggers? If there is no money at all – then develop your blog, Chat with other bloggers on your topic. Use free promotion methods, massfollowing (costs about 1000r per month). Photos can be taken from free stocks or agreed to make on terms of DFT (for you – a photo, a photographer – a portfolio). But it will be novice photographer and you also have to offer something interesting – beautiful model, beautiful clothes, etc.

If there is at least some promotion budget, then you can Offer a novice photographer to pay for the studio, and advertising at blogger order in Storis. It costs less than usual, while works pretty well.

There are no miracles. And make money on Instagram without much effort will work out. It may take a year before you get started. make real money. It can be faster – but it will be necessary invest in advertising and spend money on professional photographers, post authors and account manager. However on Today Instagram is one of the most promising platforms for earnings and get it easier and cheaper than in others social networks and the “big Internet”.

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