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There are about 10 ways to make superzoom on Instagram. Each is implemented in accordance with popular trends and directed to attract a young audience to the application.

If earlier users were offered four modes, then with The latest updates to the function replenished with “Fire”, “Hearts”, “Paparazzi” and others.

What is SuperZoom

The SuperZoom function is a convenient tool for creating short stories. You can find it when creating Stories by opening additional modes. In addition to the standard approximation, there are sound and visual effects.

Using them, you can express your consent, show funny moments and even create short “vines” (video with ironic subtext). SuperZoom on InstagramSuperZoom on Instagram

Note: additional modes are located at the bottom screen, under the “Take Photos” icon. Of another there’s no section where SuperZoom is located on Instagram.

Instructions on how to enable:

  1. Log in to Instagram.
  2. Click on the camera icon at the top of the screen – The Stories menu opens.
  3. If necessary, change to the front camera. Instagram Story ButtonInstagram Story Button
  4. Attention modes are located next to the capture button. “Failure”, “Surprise” and others.
  5. Scroll to the desired item – click on the button “Record”. SuperZoom on Instagram choose a modeSuperZoom on Instagram choose a mode

At the end of shooting, the video will be available for viewing. Owner pages can add captions or filters, and after – publish in history. Feature is available for owners of powerful mobile devices, as well as on new versions of the application.

How to use SuperZoom?

You can download Superzum with Instagram updates. Function not available in individual applications, so to use it you need to make sure that the device meets the technical requirements. The minimum amount of RAM – 2 GB, the operating system not lower than Android 5.0 and iOS 7.1.2.

Be sure to have a stable internet connection. By creating a video with By superzoom, the app immediately publishes in Stories.

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How to use:

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  1. Open on Instagram – choose among tools SuperZoom.
  2. Specify a specific mode – load sound and visual effects. Instagram no superzoomInstagram no superzoom
  3. Click on the button “Start shooting”. Video will be charged within 15 seconds.
  4. Edit and publish to your Stories. Edit Video on InstagramEdit Video on Instagram

User can check created stories and cancel publication. There is no preview function on Instagram, therefore each filter needs to be checked in advance.

The owner of the account can send the video in private messages, the ability to save to the galleries of a mobile device. With open the profile gives access to reposts by other users.

What to do if SuperZoom is gone

The reason why superzoom doesn’t work might be:

  • insufficient RAM;
  • blocking applications;
  • Instagram has not been updated;
  • There was a systemic failure in the work of the social network.

Active Instagram applicationsActive Instagram applications

Owners of older devices may encounter an error when the application will simply close. Appears on the screen Message: “An error occurred on Instagram.”

To fix the problem:

  • close all current applications in standby mode;
  • check the amount of RAM available;
  • Check for updates on the Play Market or AppStore.

If these methods did not help, but on Instagram disappeared super zoom, then the smartphone does not support such a function. The only way is to upgrade your device to a newer one or go to the software update (Settings – Phone Information – Software Updates).

Recommended to include in stores official content Automatically download new versions. By connecting, the user will receive fully functional applications with all unlocked functions.

Method 1: reboot Instagram

One of the reasons why there is no SuperZoom is considered technical or system failure. In the first case, the problem is related to updates, which only the developers are preparing. That is, the application is located at the stage of downloading new features.

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In the second – from the features of a mobile device. Also worth restart Instagram by turning off via the storage settings: Options – Applications – Force stop. After, reopen and check where Superzum went.

To restore correct operation will also be required forced stop.

If Instagram is stopped, follow the instructions:

  1. Delete via shortcut or using “Settings” – Instagram – Delete. Delete and stop InstagramDelete and stop Instagram
  2. Clear cache and data that could remain from social network.
  3. Restart your smartphone. Erase Instagram dataErase Instagram data
  4. Open a content store and enter a name in the line applications.
  5. Download and reinstall. Log in, check availability functions.

If SuperZoom regularly disappears on Instagram for no apparent reason – contact the technical support of the service. Indicate the type of problem as well as features of the application.

Method 2: RAM

Instagram has high RAM consumption, even in expectations. User can save his work with third-party utilities, for example, Ccleaner.

If access to functions is blocked by other running programs:

  1. Settings – Applications. Close active Instagram applicationsClose active Instagram applications
  2. Currently running – Stop those that are not are needed.

Functionality is affected by special utilities released specially for Instagram. Disabling them in turn, the user will be able to find out what exactly affects the consumption of operational memory.

The problem of how to make superzoom on Instagram music can be solve a standard check sound card video settings. Often, users press the sound lock key flow, thereby – removing any musical effects.

These methods show how to make superzoom on Instagram, solve the problem with a sudden shutdown of the application. Recommended regularly clear the social network cache, delete data that is in the device’s internal storage.

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