How to make the perfect selfie for Instagram


Now, of course, Instagram already has fewer selfies than a year ago or two, but still many popular (and not so) bloggers love take pictures of yourself. And what if there is nobody else? (joke ? ) Even if you do not like selfies, read to the end, there will be takoooe – in general, you will be surprised.

Selfie for Instagram

4 tips and your selfie will be perfect!

1. Wipe the front camera

If the camera is clean, the pictures are better. Wipe the camera best with a special microfiber cloth, usually used to wipe glasses or lenses of cameras. Buy possible in optics, for example.

2. Take photos in natural light

Best in daylight, but not in strong sunshine. If in the room is dark, you can use special lamps (on Aliexpress even sells special lamps for selfies), but usually it is expensive and not necessary.

Perfect selfie

If the room has poor light, it’s best not to take pictures at all.

3. “Clean” background

Photos of naked people look very funny in the background candy wrappers from sweets, tearful children and other things that spoil the general a picture. Without them, your picture will look clearly better and more presentable.

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4. Use dedicated selfie apps

SelfieYou know there are applications where you can not only remove the imperfections of your face such as acne, wrinkles, moles, but also make yourself up and do your hair? It looks so: you open the application and choose from several filters a suitable image for yourself, do not even need to be painted! Most popular such among bloggers is Facetune. With his help your smile will be wider and your teeth whiter.

BestMe Camera, Bestie and B612 – many effects, masks and stickers for YouCam Perfect face – removes wrinkles, corrects tired eyes etc. Makeup Genius – for virtual makeup Microsoft Selfie – Corrects facial defects fully automatically Cymera – the best selfie backgrounds for Snapchat – lots of fancy face masks Meitu – turn you into an anime character TouchRetouch – remove from frame too much: poles, wires, candy wrappers, random passers-by Selfshot – highlights the face with a flashlight (for iPhones) Candy Camera – a lot vanilla effects: glare, droplets, sun rays CamMe – allows you to set a timer, as on an Afterlight camera – very a lot of filters and settings Funny Mirror – make funny photos, distorting the faces of VSCO Cam – all bloggers use it – a lot of interesting Selfie Cam filters – Self-timer for a smile; Silent Selfie – for shy – turns off the sound when photographing Voice Selfie – selfie using voice commands

In general, the most important thing when you take a picture of yourself is not to do duck face. ? I really want a lot.

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