How to manage multiple profiles on Instagram


For a long time, the owners of several accounts on Instagram experienced great inconvenience: keep your page one the device was very problematic, had to constantly leave one profile and go into another, or keep open them on different phones. But at the beginning of 2016 developers of the world’s most popular mobile application pleased their users – introduced the ability to quickly switching between accounts, as in other social. networks (e.g. in the same Twitter). Now you can enter all your profiles once in Instagram, and then, as necessary, watch the tape specific or post in one of them.

At first it may seem that this function is not very necessary, however, there are so many people who lead on Instagram not only your personal photo album, but also the pages of your online stores or work accounts.

How to add a second account on Instagram

Go to your profile tab, and from there to the settings. Scroll all the items to the bottom. Now you are interested in the graph “add account” above the exit button for the application.

Multiple accounts on one phone

Log in to your second profile (you need to enter a username and password).

How to log in to the second account on Instagram

After confirming the username and password, you will be taken to the feed news of his second page. Your eyes immediately rush avatar, which now flaunts in place of the profile button. Actually, it corresponds to the nickname from which you are now “sit” on Instagram.

Second Instagram account

If you go to your profile, then pay attention to how You can quickly switch between pages. In the upper left corner a special menu is provided for this.

Switching between accounts on Instagram

You can add a few more of your accounts right here.

How to log out of a specific profile on Instagram

If you do not need any page in the application (for example, you stop it or return data from it, login and password), you can always exit it on your device, leaving the rest. To do this, go all to the same parameters приложения и в самом низу выберите пункт “Завершить сеанс <�вашник>”.

Logout from Instagram

Here you can also end all sessions open on your mobile device.

It should be noted that quick switching between logins in Instagram is a feature that has come in handy for users. Those, who had several pages, were satisfied and now not imagine how they used to live without her and suffered with constant exits and visits to the application under various logins. Those, whoever doesn’t need this function, they probably didn’t even notice it introduction.

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