How to mention a person on Instagram


If you need to mention someone on Instagram, There are two ways to do this. I’ll try to describe them in an accessible way. below.

Via @

In the comment or in the description of the photo specify the user You can by typing the @ sign, and then its nickname. Generally, as soon as you put the dog in the notes and type the first letter of the name, you some of your friends will suggest this letter. You can just choose from the list.

How to mention a person on Instagram

As soon as you post a post or comment with such by mentioning, a person will immediately receive a push notification that you turned to him.

Noting on publication

You can also mention a friend by pointing him in the photo (especially this is true if he really is in this photo). Like this to do, more details can be read here. I will only write that he is so will receive a notification about the mark in the picture. And also your photo will appear in his “photos with me” section.

How to tag a user in a photo on Instagram

These are two simple ways to mention a person on Instagram. Using both, you can pay attention user to your publication or, conversely, pay attention their subscribers to the appropriate person.

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