How to mention in a comment on Instagram


How to mention in a comment on Instagram

Updated – October 15, 2019

If you want to attract the attention of the user, you can mention in a comment on Instagram.

There is a possibility in the comments themselves or in the publication description mention any person.

How to mention in a comment on Instagram

To do this, just write the @ sign and enter the user nickname (e.g. @leonardodicaprio).

  • And as soon as you write the first letters after the @ sign, You will be offered several user options.

How to find out a nickname of a user?

Easy. You need to open his account. In the upper left corner is indicated his nickname.

Will the user be notified of the mention in the comment?

Yes. He will receive a push notification on Instagram. And it doesn’t matter the user is subscribed to you or not. Even if it’s closed Instagram account (see article).

How do I find mentions of myself in Instagram comments?

You can see the references in the lower right corner by tapping сердечкаHow to mention in a comment on Instagram.

How to delete a mention on Instagram?

If you mentioned the user, then just delete comment on Instagram (see article). Same thing if The user mentioned you in your post.

And, if someone mentioned you in his publication, then remove mention will not work. Only the creator can do this. publication.

How to make a mention on Instagram in story?

Take a photo or shoot a video in the story. Then on screen проведите пальцем вверх и выберите How to mention in a comment on Instagram.

Write a user nickname and tap the checkmark in the upper right the corner. It’s especially cool to say happy birthday on Instagram via story

How to prohibit the mention on Instagram?

No way. You can only disable comments on Instagram to certain publications (see article).

How to mention in a comment on Instagram from a computer?

Exactly the same as in the application. Only need to enter full friend’s nickname, as there will be no clues.

The same thing if you want to reply to a comment in Instagram in the web version (see the article).

Video lesson on how to mention in a comment in Instagram.

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