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Add video to Instagram History is possible, as through the Gallery, and filming online. Also users use Third-party applications where automatic sending is available.

How to record videos in Instagram Stories

Add video to Storys Instagram is possible from the camera, built-in in the app. In the shooting settings, the user will find: free hands, boomerang, superzoom. The only thing the owner needs profile – the presence of the front and main cameras.

When connecting to the shooting functions, the application will require permission to connect to cameras.

How to record a video in Storys Instagram:

  1. Go to mobile Instagram – log in to your profile.
  2. Click: “Ribbon” – Stories Start Button on InstagramStart Button on Instagram
  3. Press the button: “Start” – at the end of time shooting will be completed.
  4. View result – share with friends. There is a shooting on Instagram in StorysThere is a shooting on Instagram in Storys

On Instagram, video is recorded by holding the button: “Start” in the Stories section. Under the button are located modes that you can switch and try new ones. After creating video, user can preview and add various effects, including filters and text.

In standard shooting mode, recording using masks. To make a video with music, the user can enable her in the background. Available to add action stickers: quiz, questions, percentages and more.

How to add an already recorded video to Storys Instagram

Post publications through the “Camera Roll” and The gallery. Unlike previous updates, on Instagram you can upload old videos, but with the date. That is, by adding video a week ago, a line with a date will appear below. She can Delete or move to any corner of the screen.

You can add this type of video to Stories:

  • mp4 extension;
  • maximum volume up to 30 Mb;
  • duration is 15 seconds.
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You can download videos from third-party applications like InShot. Using it, the user becomes available to trim and accelerate video clip. While saving, you can send video to “History”, immediately indicating a temporary gap and Options for publishing.

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With the latest updates, downloading at the same time became available several videos:

  1. Instagram – History.
  2. Click: “Select from Gallery” – next to the icon with folded cards.
  3. Select from the list those entries that you want to add to publication. Select pictures from the Gallery on InstagramSelect pictures from the Gallery on Instagram
  4. Click: “Next” – publish.

Each video will be published as a separate story. The viewer will be able to watch it if he clicks on. Also, videos can be stopped if you hold your finger during Stories, scroll back and forth.

Via Android Phone and iPhone

You can post a video to a publication via a smartphone by clicking to Camera Roll or Gallery. Also, going to the recording settings in the Repository itself, the user will see the inscription: “Share” – “History” on Instagram.

How to add video to Storis from your phone:

  1. Go to Instagram – Stories.
  2. Press the button: “Camera Roll / Gallery” from below. Gallery Icon on InstagramGallery Icon on Instagram
  3. Select one or more videos from the Storage – Publish.

The maximum movie length is 15 seconds. If the owner profile adds more, then the video is divided into several parts for the specified time period.

When adding a video, you may experience such problems as:

  • record is not downloading. Inappropriate format or large video size;
  • the list does not appear. Switch to another folder when adding stories;
  • black screen or recording is not loading. The file is damaged or low internet connection.

All these errors and problems can be solved by switching to another access point and transcoding the recording format. For Changing the recording is enough to download the application: Video Conventer or Format Factory.

Through a Windows computer

It is only possible to shoot video in Storis Instagram through a computer one way: install the emulator.

From an application on Windows 10, you can only send to History photos, as in the browser format of the social network.

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How to upload video to Storis via PC:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks (more about installation Instagram on PC).
  2. Login – Log in with Google Account
  3. Download Instagram App from Play Market
  4. Go to profile – enter data from the page.
  5. Go to “Stories” – add from “Storage”.
  6. Select entries from computer memory.

To find the right photo faster, it’s better to move it on the desktop. If the program cannot find files from computer – install Total Commander. Using the application you can access all folders and files that are located on a computer.

How to add someone else’s video to your Storis

You can embed a video in Instagram History from another account, using the function: “Share with friends” or “Send to your”.

How to add someone else’s video to History:

  1. Go to Instagram – find an interesting publication with a video.
  2. Click on the “airplane bottom” icon – Add a publication to your History. Instagram Story IconInstagram Story Icon
  3. Select line: “Add” – Share with friends. Add to your Instagram StoryAdd to your Instagram Story

It’s possible to take a video from someone else’s account through third-party applications intended for repost. As an example: Repost From Instagram, which creates a signature below and a link to the author.

As with publications, there is copyright in the Stories. If the author of the video will send a complaint to another user – for this followed by either blocking a single publication or account in in common.

Using the function: “Add to My Story”, copyright claim option is excluded. Above the post A link appears to the nickname and thumbnail of the publication. add video Instagram History is possible through a standard download, or Use automatic forwarding from other applications.

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