How to process photos for Instagram in bright style


There are many Instagram styles: light, dark, warm, bright, with one color accent, minimalism, many details and so on. I love light and bright in my profile one is used, then another. Today I will show you how I I process photos in a light style.

An article for our site was prepared by Galina Klyuchevskaya (Instagram blog @halyna_kliuchevska).

Instagram photo processing example in Snapsed

Take, for example, such a source. As we can see, he is enough dark.

Original photo

Go to Snapseed. Choose a tool. “Correction” and make the following settings:

Light balance

We get just such a picture, it clearly became lighter than the original Images.

Light balance in Snapseed

Then select “Curves” and lighten the photo even more.

Curves in Snapseed

In the point correction we remove excess objects from the photo. For this select unnecessary objects in the frame.

Spot correction

Then use the Portrait tool with the settings “combined 2”.

Lighten Instagram Photos for Snapseed

After that, export the photo and continue processing in Facetune 2 app.

Editing Instagram photos in Facetune 2

We select the Retouch tool and a car.


Using the “Form-clarify” tool, we correct the features figures.

Tool Shape in Facetune 2

In corrections, we lighten the photo a little more.

Lightening Photos in Facetune 2

In the filters we apply a filter to taste, I have it Gs 1 on 17.

Apply a filter in Facetune 2

Go back to the retouch using the “Details” and “Whiten” highlight the sweater.

Processing photos for Instagram

Processing photos for Instagram

We export the finished result and send to Instagram. ?

Processing photos for Instagram

It was – it became.

Processing photos for Instagram

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