How to process photos for Instagram: popular filters and applications


Good day to everyone! I am Ksenia, and I specialize in how Better, more beautiful and more correct to process photos on Instagram. I want to give you some examples, try to do the same, and your Photos will become fashionable and cute.

Greenish tint

1. Go to the Snapseed application, select “coarse grain” filter X03. 2. Open Priime and apply the valley effect.

Woah la! Accordingly, you select the overlay intensity according to your tastes and photos.

In pink

Popular Instagram photo processing1. Bleach the picture in Facetune, without fanaticism. 2. Go to VSCO and do such settings: exposure +1.2 contrast +3.4 hue +2.3 saturation -1.5 skin color -3.0 transparency +1.7 grain size +3.2 light shadow (red) +2.3 FILTER: F1


1. Go to Facetune2. 2. Paint the whole background in “bw”, so it automatic becomes black and white. 3. Go to the application VSCO: – add the filter M5 to +5 – and C4 to + 8-12


1. Tear off Facetune2. 2. Bleach all white / yellow / gray plots in the picture. 3. Go to the VSCO application and add filter F1 or S2

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And I also conduct courses on processing photos, building them in tape and selection of the original hat. Individual lessons – 30 processed photos for a month. You can sign up in my profile @vlnvaa.

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