How to promote Instagram in 2020


How to promote Instagram

Updated – January 21, 2020

Without a doubt, Instagram is the most popular sharing app. Photo and video.

And yet, Instagram is the best platform for promoting yourself and your business.

Therefore, the question arises: how to promote Instagram in 2020 year?

Is Instagram promotion real from scratch today? independently and without the help of third-party services (free)?

Of course, really! The main thing is to correctly approach this issue and adhere to the main recommendations.

How to promote Instagram in 2020

  1. Switch to a professional account.

Switch to a professional accountSwitch to a professional account

If you are seriously planning a promotion on Instagram, then you need transfer account from personal to professional.

You can do this in one minute in your account settings. You can return to your personal account at any time.

At the moment, there are 2 types of prof. accounts: business and author.

Professional accounts have many benefits: advanced statistics, promotion through advertising, detailed information about profile, etc.

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  1. Make your profile.

Make your profileMake your profile

Next, you should draw up your profile on the topic.

Download a beautiful avatar, come up with a short and memorable nickname and username.

Fill in the column “About Me”, provide contact details and a link to website if you are promoting anything.

Come up with a unique style for publications and stories that fits nicely into the profile theme.

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  1. Publish rich content.


Do not stop at one type of publication – photos from text.

Add videos, format publications as a carousel, collage, panoramas.

This way you can increase activity among your subscribers and attract the attention of new ones.

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  1. Put hashtags and geotags.

Put hashtags and geotagsPut hashtags and geotags

Be sure to include hashtags in your posts – this is great a way to recruit new subscribers. The same goes for geotags.

The fact is that in the search for hashtags you can see the best publications related to them.

So such publications are gaining enormous coverage and, respectively, likes and subscribers (stories too).

Therefore, learn to add hashtags correctly and see tangible result from them.

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  1. Add captions to publications.

Add captions to publicationsAdd captions to publications

This is not only about hashtags, but also about important and interesting information.

Publications with signatures are more likely to be in the TOP because they collect more likes and comments.

It’s sometimes impossible to make beautiful text, due to the fact that paragraphs after publication disappear.

But there is a solution: you need to insert an invisible space before the paragraph and The publication will take on an aesthetic appearance.

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  1. Post to the peak activity of subscribers.

Post to peak subscribers activityPost to peak subscribers activity

To get a lot of likes and comments, post photos and video at the peak of your subscribers’ activity.

To do this, just analyze the statistics of the account.

In the “Audience” tab, you can see what days and hours your Subscribers are the most active.

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  1. Wind up likes and followers.

Twist likes and subscribersTwist likes and subscribers

If possible, use the wrapping services likes and subscribers. Yes, it’s not free, but effectively.

As you know, in publications there is no way to indicate clickable links. You can only add one link in your profile (column “Website”).

And in order for stories to add links, you need to to have from 10 thousand subscribers. It is here that you will need cheat.

Wind subscribers

But in no case do not use mass follow and Mass Lashing! Today it is unsafe, this type of promotion can cause account suspension.

As for cheating likes: it is advisable if you want to withdraw publication in TOP on hashtags and so that thousands can see it users.

Win likes

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  1. Start discussions.

Start discussionsStart discussions

Your profile must be live. In addition to likes, you need comments.

Ask topics for discussion in publication signatures, respond on the comments of subscribers.

Make your posts appeal to users share your opinion.

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  1. Share stories.


Stories are a very effective tool with which you can promote Instagram yourself.

Stories proven to increase activity and loyalty audience.

In addition, Instagram is constantly updating the functionality of stories. There are many modes: super zoom, boomerang, reverse shooting and etc.

For feedback, publish stories with surveys, questions, quizzes, etc. Users really like this.

Do not forget about live broadcasts – in 2019 they made a huge a breakthrough in the topic of account promotion.

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  1. Use massage.

Use MassBookingUse MassBooking

Mass-hunting – mass viewing of user stories. With his help you can draw attention to your profile.

At the moment, this is the most common way using which you can promote your account on Instagram. It is used by many celebrities.

Moreover, it is absolutely safe.

The bottom line: on a special service is configured automatically View stories from your target audience.

Users see in your stories your profile and some of them signed at will.

Try for free

You can try the free period. If you like the service, when paying, use the insta18f promotional code, it gives a 10% discount.

  1. Like and comment on thematic publications.

Like and comment on thematic publicationsLike and comment on thematic publications

Everyone loves when their photos are rated like or by comment. Often the result of such actions is a subscription or mutual like.

Find interesting publications on your subject, like and share your opinion in the comments.

Other users will notice you and possibly become yours. by subscribers.

It’s important to leave non-typical and short comments (“Class”, “Beautiful”, “I completely agree”), and detailed and interesting. So the chance of being noticed is increased.

In addition, popular publications are the first to display comments with a lot of likes. That is, those that Interested users.

  1. Hold contests.

Hold contestsHold contests

Contests work in all social networks. With small costs you can attract new subscribers and “stir” your current audience.

There are a lot of different ideas for the contest. Consider the most popular option.

Come up with some prize (you can from your products) and put a condition under which it is necessary to note in the commentary on your posting 3 of your friends.

Each comment is assigned cleanly. In a week, using random number generator select the winner (the draw is better spend live).

This way you get activity + new subscribers.

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Follow our recommendations, and promotion of the account in Instagram will be much simpler and more effective.

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