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Instagram is an entertaining social network where people don’t come to buy, they come to relax and have fun. But not less this resource is a really good tool for promoting almost any business. Almost – because not all goods can be sold through Instagram. For example, it’s completely stupid to try sell lattices for windows, faucets, funeral services, etc. So there may be many such examples, but the network business is not from them.

We form a personal brand on Instagram

As a rule, people buy from people, which means that if the person is interesting, almost anything will be bought from him. Just to be closer to him. In network marketing, this rule works 100%. No one is interested in endlessly looking at calls to join the team or the many bottles that they love to put novice representatives. But also everyone will not have buy, which means you need to create a personal brand that will work for you.

Why do I need a personal brand?

1. It sets you apart from the competition 2. Personalized business hard to steal (copy)

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We find our uniqueness and determine what you are an expert in.

How to promote network business on InstagramTo create personal brand, you need to decide what you are an expert at or find your own uniqueness. Maybe you can knit clothes for thousands of African children or know how to juggle twenty five subjects? Or do you own speed reading? Or maybe maybe you have a psychic or an unusual animal in your family breed?

There are no talented people. If you still like that you think that means you just didn’t find your calling, and this is the best reason to start your search now.

A personal brand is not formed immediately, and it is necessary support. Perhaps you will have some kind of “code phrases”, wording that will distinguish you from competitors, or you there will be an interesting visual series by which you will be recognized everywhere and always.

Why else do you need a personal brand?

With it, you will begin to build relationships with your human-human readers. People understand that if they leave a comment, it will not go unnoticed, as the profile is a living person who is really interested in talking with like-minded people. It is for this reason that people are more willing subscribe to personal profiles.

Lead your Instagram in reality show format

Look at the profiles of the leaders of your company: they do not sell business, they sell a lifestyle that has become cooler thanks network. Your potential readers want to know which one you are. man, observe your life. Which means if in your Instagram will have dynamics and development, people will interesting to watch him. Sooner or later they will want to become part of your team, use the same products as you. Yes at least just to meet and be friends with you.

What you can not do on Instagram network business

Be moderately restrained and polite, you can not:

1. Post too personal photos 2. Touch controversial and offensive topics such as religion, politics and etc. 3. Allow familiarity: you need to be polite and business communication style. For example, I can not stand when to me strangers turn right away to you and even frivolous Katyukha. When did we become friends?

Do not turn your page into a store, I remind you, Instagram is not come to buy

How to promote network business on InstagramBiggest the mistake of a beginner networker is that as soon as he signed his contract, he immediately posts on Instagram, telling everyone that he became a networker. Then he has There is a problem when making appointments, because when people call already know in advance why a person is calling them.

It makes sense to post only after the beginner the representative already understood where he got and figured out a little business, learned to practice objections. It often happens that people have a misunderstanding of this type of business based on opinion of failed representatives.

But do not neglect Instagram profiles

The main thing is to show the result, do not be shy to spread first checks, even if they are not so big at first glance. To some, an increase of 1,000 rubles may not seem superfluous.

Get involved and involved, the main thing to remember is that the guarantee quality promotion – good content. And don’t be shy top leaders are not humble.

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