How to put emoticons on Instagram


How to put emoticons on Instagram

As you know, putting emoticons on Instagram is not so simple.

In the application itself there are none, so you have to fit.

If there are no emoticons on the standard keyboard, then you can download Keyboard “SwiftKey”.

How to put emoticons on Instagram

First, check if you have emoticons available on the current keyboard:

  1. Под любой публикаций касаемся How to put emoticons on Instagram.
  2. Ищем на клавиатуре иконку смайлика How to put emoticons on InstagramHow to put emoticons on Instagram (обычно в самом низу).

How to put a smiley on InstagramHow to put a smiley on Instagram

  • If there is an icon, then you can put emoticons on Instagram, if not, you will have to install a new keyboard.

Fortunately, the popular SwiftKey keyboard is not only famous for convenience, but also a large number of smiles:

  1. Install the keyboard using one of the links:
  • Android:
  • iOS (iPhone):
  1. Open the application and touch “Enable SwiftKey”.
  2. Move the slider to the right.
  3. Select the keyboard layout “SwiftKey”
  4. Now check the keyboard.

How to add emoticons on InstagramHow to add emoticons on Instagram

  • В нижней части экрана появится иконка How to put emoticons on InstagramHow to put emoticons on Instagram со смайликами;
  • You can add a smiley to the profile header (name, column “About Me” and etc.).

I do not recommend installing “Emoji keyboards”, which specially sharpened for emoticons.

Not only are they poorly functional, but also with advertising and paid add-ons.

SwiftKey copes with all tasks at the moment is one of the best mobile keyboards.

Where are the emoticons in Instagram history?

Добавьте материал в историю и сверху коснитесь How to put emoticons on Instagram.

Scroll a little lower and you will see emoticons. They can be inserted into any place, enlarge or rotate.

How to make your own emoticon on Instagram?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

Other Instagram Secrets:

  • How to make a paragraph (an invisible space that will help format text);
  • How to write in a beautiful font (Russian fonts for various signatures);

Video lesson on the topic: how to put emoticons on Instagram.

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How to put emoticons on Instagram?


Especially for Instagram on android emoticons do not exist. Numerous fans of this program can not do this to be measured. Although when developing Instagram this question was missed – we still found a way out! Although you can continue to use signs punctuation replaces emoticons, but you can use our instructions. how to put smiles on Instagram

Where to download emoticons for Instagram?

In order to install Instagram emoticons on android, you need to write the phrase “smilies in the search bar on Google Play for instagram. “Search will give you several application options, such as:

  • Emoji Keyboard Smiley;
  • Emoji keyboard for Android;
  • Emojidom emoticons and icons HD;
  • Emoji Keyboard – CrazyCorn and others.

download emoticon sets on Instagram

All of them are installed on the device for free in several Clicks from Market Play. To search even more options suitable programs, you can write in the search bar “Emoji”. Instagram popularity is gaining momentum with each second, decorate your posts with new smiles.

How to change keyboard on android

The most popular and often downloaded emoticon app for Instagram – Go Keyboard. This is a keyboard from the developer Go Dev Team You need to download it from Google Play and install on your device. In the settings of your phone in the menu “Language and input” select this keyboard instead of the standard one. In the “input settings” you need to put crosses in front of Russian and English language and “Confirm.” Emoji keyboard will now used by default.

How to install another keyboard on Android

In order to use emoticons, choose your favorite face, click on it and it will appear in the text. Enjoy vivid communication with the help of smiles. Similarly installed and other applications mentioned above.

How to enable emoticons on Android

Emoticons are not displayed on the screen

On some models of phones and tablets, emoticons on instagram Android may not work correctly or not display at all. It depends on the gadget model. User instead bright emoticons can get black and white, or they can generally displayed as empty squares. In this case, you can try installing another keyboard from the list above.

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