How to put several photos and videos in one Instagram post


With the new Instagram update, you can upload several photos and / or video in one post. In such a gallery there can be up to 10 Photo and video. First we’ll tell you how to make a post out of several photo, and then how to use it to advance in Instagram.

Instagram version so that you can post a post from several photos and videos – 10.9. If until you can do gallery posts, you just have to wait a bit next update. Or you have a phone on which you can no longer install a new version (the solution is a more modern smartphone, or use Instagram through the emulator for the computer).

How to put several photos and videos in one post Instagram

How to make a post from several photos and videos on Instagram

  1. Нажмите(какyou usually add photos / videos), then select “Library” at the bottom screen.
  2. Появилась новая кнопка для галереи —,click her.
  3. You can select a maximum of 10 photos / videos (you can simultaneously photos, and videos, the main thing in the amount of no more than 10). They will all be cropped to fit the square. To change the cropping of each photo, touch it and edit as usual. Then click “Further”.
  4. Further familiar processing filters. Can touch any filter and all photos will be with it. Or click on the photo, process it filter, then go to the next photo, etc. That is, each the photo will be with a different filter.
  5. To change the order of photos and videos in the gallery, tap desired and drag it forward or backward. Want to delete completely? Коснитесь и перетащите на значок корзины.
  6. Comment and geotag for all photos will be common. But on each separate photos can be marked by different people. To do this, click “Tag someone,” and then scroll to the desired photo in which must be noted person.
  7. Done! Click Share

When the first gallery publication appears on your blog, then under The photo will be a few dots. These points mean that in this posting a few photos. In your account in the mosaic gallery posts будут со значкомвupper right corner. Swipe to view gallery from right to left.

You can comment and like a post with several photos and videos. as usual. But these comments and likes will not be for every separate photo, but for the whole gallery.

put several photos and videos in one Instagram post

How to edit a post from several photos

Edit as a regular post. Photos and videos, their order and marked people cannot be changed. But you can geolocation and signature.

How to use a post from several photos and videos



  • training program
  • exercise steps
  • healthy recipe step by step
  • grocery shopping
  • body on all sides (now you no longer need to suffer and choose which of 10 similar photos to upload – publish everything in one post!)
  • before after
  • photo of sponsorship product in a box / in progress use of

Beauty Bloggers

  • all swatch shades of lipstick / varnish / tone, etc.
  • makeup step by step
  • ready-made makeup from different angles, with closed / open eyes, with different light
  • before after
  • “what’s in my makeup bag”
  • etc.


  • how to get
  • hotel options
  • local kitchen
  • “one day”
  • all photos from one city
  • photo of one place from different angles

Business accounts

Sale of goods (shops, needlewomen and etc.)

  • photo of one product from different angles
  • assortment photo of one product line
  • the process of creating a product (especially relevant if you do do it yourself)
  • product use cases (e.g. how to wear an item clothes, combine it with other clothes, etc.)
  • promotions and discounts
  • order process

Sale of services

  • instead of one, you can make several videos in a row (so get instead of one minute – ten in one post)
  • different options for cooperation
  • customer reviews
  • several illustrations for one informational post to interest readers

Posts with several photos and videos are a logical continuation of the stories. No one wants to spam your account with similar photos / videos, but I still want to save them (after all, stories disappear!). And for business so generally a huge field for development. Instagram will get better replace the online store, which not everyone can afford. Specialists all areas will be able to better explain to subscribers the value their services. And right now, when this format only appears in Russia and few people use it, you need to quickly understand and publish gallery posts to attract new subscribers and shake existing ones.


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