How to read Instagram post


How to read Instagram post

Updated – October 8, 2019

Received a notification but don’t know how to read the message in Instagram?

Everything is very simple. It is enough to go into the direct and select a dialogue with interlocutor.

How to read Instagram post

  1. В левом нижнем углу касаемся раздела “Новости” How to read Instagram post.
  2. В правом верхнем углу переходим в директ Инстаграма How to read Instagram post.
  3. We select a dialogue with the interlocutor and read his message.
  • If an unknown user wrote to you, then look at it the message can be in the “Requests for correspondence” (upper right corner direct);
  • You can reply to the message in writing or send voice message or disappearing photo / video.

How do I know if a message has been read on Instagram?

If you sent a message to the user, but the answer is still not entered, you want to understand if he read it.

It’s simple: if under your last message hangs an inscription “Viewed”, then this means that the user saw the correspondence (if he closed the direct to you, then you will not see the inscription).

Did you read the post on InstagramDid you read the post on Instagram

If there is no inscription, then, respectively, the interlocutor does not read the message.

If desired, you can delete the message on Instagram at home and the interlocutor (see. in the article).

But then it will be more difficult to restore correspondence.

How to read direct on Instagram from a computer?

There is no such function in the web version, so you have to use some Android emulator (e.g. BlueStacks).

Install the program on your computer, log in to Instagram and read the message on the first instruction.

Video tutorial on the topic: how to read a message on Instagram.

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