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Users of popular social. networks mood often fickle. It happens that you deleted your account in Instagram, but after a while they changed their minds and want restore it. Can this be done? Answer: and Yes and no. Below I will try to clearly explain why so going on.

If you visit the Instagram help center and look for the answer to the above question, we will honor the following.

How to recover Instagram account after deletion

If you yourself deleted the profile, then restore it does not will succeed

This means that all your photos and videos have sunk into oblivion. All, bye-bye, in short, one had to think before leaving forever from applications, because this is not Vkontakte. Popular Overseas Insta does not store a dossier on you (most likely), unlike the domestic social network.

Exception – you temporarily blocked your page with a computer. Then, to reactivate it, you just You need to go into the application.

How to recover a deleted InstagramBut you will not be much upset. Let’s take a closer look at what is written in help center. You can register a new account Instagram. However, there is one “but”, you can use the old email, but you will need to come up with a new nickname. You can register an old nickname only with another mail, and then with provided that this username is not taken.

In general, to summarize, the following should be said. If you deleted their profile on Instagram completely (did not freeze for a while), but you want to restore it, you have to go through again registration. If you want to save the nickname, then use another soap.

If your Instagram profile has been deleted by the administration for violation of the rules

If you break the rules, you may not be able to restore access. will work out. But worth a try. If your account deactivated for breaking the rules, but you think this is a mistake, fill out this form. Or this form if you are driving a page business.

Actually, if you were hacked, they sent spam on your behalf, subscribed to thousands of people, and for this they blocked you, then complain to the administration about hacking by the link that I gave above, necessary. In this case, if you linked your page to Facebook and post in both social. network your real photos her most likely will be able to return.

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