How to remove recommendations on Instagram


How to remove recommendations on Instagram

Updated – November 11, 2019

On the main page of Instagram and in the news feed time from time, a block with recommendations is displayed.

With the help of recommendations you can find your friends, as well as other interesting pages.

Some users are annoyed by this block, but, fortunately, in just a few steps you can remove the recommendations in Instagram.

How to remove recommendations on Instagram

  1. On your device, open any mobile browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Log in using your username and password.
  4. В правом нижнем углу открываем свой профильHow to remove recommendations on Instagram.
  5. В левом верхнем углу переходим в “Настройки”How to remove recommendations on Instagram.
  6. Open the “Edit Profile” section.
  7. At the very end, uncheck “Recommend your account in among those that people might want to subscribe to. ”
  8. Touch the “Submit” button.

How to disable recommendations on Instagram

As soon as I uncheck, the recommendations will disappear?

Yes, but your account will not be recommended to others. to users.

You cannot find friends on Instagram.

Through the Instagram application on the phone, you can somehow remove recommendations?

Unfortunately, it is not possible through the official application.

Can I remove recommendations from Instagram from a computer?

Yes, in exactly the same way.

Will the search query history be deleted too?

Not. You can clear your Instagram search history in a different way. (see the article).

Can recommendations be returned?

Yes, at any time you can return this block. You will also appear in recommendations from other users.

By what principle are recommendations formed on Instagram?

Everything is simple. Recommendations show profiles of your friends from other social networks. You can also notice friends of your friends, which you may know.

Based on interests, other profiles can be selected.

They say that closed accounts don’t show recommendations, Is it so?

If you suddenly want to close your Instagram account (see article), then the recommendations will not go anywhere.

Video tutorial on the topic: how to remove recommendations on Instagram.

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