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The Repost For Instagram app is a simple tool to work. with videos and photos from other users’ pages. To list Features include: initial instruction, automatic downloads, saving to phone and others.

Application features

In Repost For Instagram, the function of downloading video files and photos. As soon as the user clicked: Add publication to Instagram – the file is uploaded to the mobile device. At adding a new link – it is placed in the general list, in which You can go back and choose a post to post.

From additional functionality:

  • signature of the author. It’s forbidden to post strangers on Instagram photos and personal videos, without attribution;
  • choose the color and placement for the signature. By pressing the button “Repost”, the user is invited to several points for further Placement of a nickname plate;
  • the ability to clear the list of saved files;
  • description for photos and hashtags.

Repost For Instagram AppRepost For Instagram App

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

In the application, editing an existing description is available and its complete removal. In the free version, hashtags are added, which will be indicated after the text part.

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Advantages and disadvantages

To download a file, the user needs to go to additional features. Unlike other applications, the function Media download has not been automatically implemented. Also, you cannot select one item from the saved list – you can clear only all files.

Benefits of the Repost for Instagram app:

  • Signed publication. Most repost services do not put link to the author of the page, which may lead to blocking account
  • simple functionality. Just run the application and copy the link. The publication will be added to the list in automatic mode;
  • work in the background. Repost For Instagram does not require high performance and smartphone, therefore, can remain active constantly;
  • instruction for beginners. A good example of work applications.

Repost Instagram postsRepost Instagram posts

The repost tool is suitable for smartphones with poor technical characteristics. To disable work in background: just remove the application from the list of active, through the line notifications or standard “swipe” from working services.

Instructions on how to download and repost

Before reposting or downloading a file, the user must log in to Instagram and go to an interesting publication. Beyond Depending on the quality and duration, the material will be downloaded to smartphone.

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Instructions on how to download or repost:

  1. Download and open Repost For Instagram.
  2. Select an entry – click the three dots above – Copy link.
  3. Go back to the application – click: Repost
  4. Choose a signature placement – publish to Instagram.

The social network will offer to create your own signature or delete the one that the author already had. To adjust the position of the plate, there are four buttons at the bottom: bottom, left, side and top. Also, a choice of colors is available: whole or black.

The application can be used to post friends, publish important materials or share other people’s photos, without account blocking.

It is recommended to mark on the publication of the profile owner, where is the source. It is possible in the menu “Edit” – Mark people. Repost For Instagram is useful for downloading interesting videos or photos on your smartphone.

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